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--last at--
brick:just give up and leave all of us alone!!
blossom:brick...just listen to what h-he says please
butch:hmmm spike?
butch:did te use to know someone named butch?
spike:ya me and him were best Friends why?
butch:hmm cause my names butch and i knew someone named spike
spike:ohhhh come with me
brick:no hes not leaving!!
spike:not just him i need boomer too
brick:there not leaving!!!!!!
boomer&butch:--looks at spike--
boomer:let us leave now!!
butch:YA!! o youll pay a thousand deaths!!
brick:huh?--boomer and butch pushes brick--
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posted by ppgFireball
Brick: god, i'm gonna feel this in the morning.
SB: stupid teletubbies.
Butch: -wakes up- what happened?
Fireball: i just got acorned.
Brick: where the hell is Boomer?! i'll kick his culo for not helping me!
Boomer: right here.
Brick: F--K te BOOMER!
Boomer: :(
the successivo giorno at school...
Ms. Keane: lunch time, children!
SB: Ms. Keane, we need to be excused
Ms. Keane: restroom?
SB: no, we need to go out and look for all the Boomer clones.
Ms. Keane: -laughs-
SB: Ms. Keane, this is serious
Ms. Keane: -laughs- te kids are so funny, and so cute.
SB: this is serious.
Ms. Keane: te can play defeat the...
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posted by awesome23
---at the rowdyruff boys house---
BRICK:boomer! come here now!!!
BOOMER:y-yes brick
BRICK:i have a plan and it involves butch
BRICK:YOU IDIOT! go get butch!--slaps boomer--
BUTCH:what i was about to beat my high score!
BRICK: i have a plan!
BUTCH:oh lord this isnt one of your blossom plans is it?
BRICK:shut up dude no! were gonna fight them >:)
BUTCH:im loving this plan lets go!
BRICK:alritey lets go!
BRICK:SHUT UP!! we dont care if te have feelings for that hag bubbles!
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NARATTOR: The color blue! Clubpenguin! And Nights of Nights Song. Brick-the-best was making a True Perfect Little Boy!
Then A HORRIBLE cemical He spilled was: Sicko X! :O
Brick-the-best: WOW! THE PERFECT BOY! te will be named: RASCAL!
Rascal: YAYYY! is my brother brick?
brick the best: Yeah.
Rascal: YAYYY! Is my brother brick?
Brick the best: yep
brick: Woow.... hes my bro-Brickthebest: yes
Brick: *bouncing with Rascal* YAAAAAAAAAY!
Rascal: Watch this *Death lazers*
ALL but brick the best: WOOOW!

posted by Meamagirl77
Boomer: butch stop riding the pony te rode it yesterday
Butch: but its so cute!
Boomer: SHUT UP!
Butch: te SHUT UP!!!!
Brick: stop bickering barf baths and go to school
Ms. Keane: hi boys. first day?
Butch: uh yeah
Boomer: HI TEACHER!!!
Ms.Keane: its ms. Keane not TEACHER!!!
Boomer: oh then hi ms. Keane!
Ms. Keane: sit withe girls
Bubbles: how are they?
Blossom: their the… omah god!
Buttercup: What the… oh god bubs!
Ms. Keane: shushers now girls and lethe boys do their junk.
Buttercup: HOLY CRAP! don't the hell say 'do their junk'!
Blossom, Boomer, Butch, Bubbles: BUTTERCUP!!!!!!...
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posted by Butterscotch000
Well, it came faster then when i postato campana, bell as kitty. Who ever whants me to make them a kat o a dog just tell me the deitails. thanx again people!
oh yea, the picture will maybe not mostra up. sorry about that.

I will make più soon guys. their is something wrong with my computer. i am trying to fix it as soon as i can. no bad commenti plz.

what te need to do to have te own cat o dog.

gender:M o F

hair color:

Tail type:

Dog o cat.
now i will make your cat o dog. no bad commenti again.
posted by Bell0PPGZ
NARRATOR:The city of Townsville is having a peaceful day....... lets see what the ppg are doing.

BUBBLES:Hey Bell, would te like to play?

BELL:Sorry, I was just going to play with Buttercup.

(Bell leaves)

BUBBLES:All campana, bell wants to do is play with Buttercup.

BLOSSOM:Haven't I told te that campana, bell is a tomboy.

BUBBLES:Yea but she never plays with me.

BLOSSOM:Do tomboys play with dolls?


BLOSSOM:That's why she never plays with you.

BUBBLES:Yea ummmmm..... I am going outside for some fresh air.

(Bubbles went outside to where Buttercup and campana, bell are)

BUTTERCUP:I'm thirsty. I'm going to get a...
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posted by seacat243
Narrator: What a beautiful and sunshiny giorno in Townsville!!!! sunshiny that is for everyone in townsville but the PowerPuff Girls...
*Blossom just arriving at the park*
???????: I Amore te Brick.
Brick:I Amore te too-
Blossom: Uh. Brick. WHO'S SHE?!?!?!?
Brick: Oh, Blossom!! Meet Berserk. She a PowerPunk Girl.
Blossom: A Power what'cha ma call it???
Brick: A PowerPunk Girl.
Berserk: *giving Blossom an evil look*
Brick: She's my new Girlfriend.
Blossom: WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!???!!? You're so mean!!!!!! I....I....I HATE YOU, BRICK!!!!!! I NEVER WANT TO SPEAK, HEAR, o SEE te EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brick:*shrugs**Kisses Berserk on the cheek* See ya!!!
--where we were last at--
blain:ok i want to turn butch into a vampire...brute is already doin her part and your gonna do yours ok?
buttercup:whats the plan?
blain:--whispers plan--
buttercup:alrite lets go!
--both fly off-- --with butch and brute--
brute:whats wrong?
butch:uhh nothing :/
butch:buttercup!!--runs up to her and sees her eyes are getting deep red--umm...
buttercup--grabs butch and bites him--
butch:ahh-turns into vampire--
brute:good job buttercup!
blain:alright lets go--grabs butch and all of them leave--
--with blade and bubbles--...
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brick_is_awesome and blossom_hottness online
blossom:what? :/
brick:your hot?
brick:just shut up
buttercup_beats_you and butch_gonna_beat_ya_harder
buttercup:we gotta talk..
blossom:ughh fine
buttercup:go in private
---they go in private--
butch:whats up with you?
brick:got rejected....
brick:b-blossom! ok it was blossom! brick_back_off offline
--in private chat--
blossom:well....i just dont like him and b-because im already dating someone
buttercup:Dont tell me....
ha! check out successivo time ;)
--last at--
brick:if we were older would we have kids!!
blossom:thts what i thought te detto not right at this age :/
brick:i detto when were older!!
blossom:i dont know!!--fliess off--
brick:ah!!! --flies after her --and grabs on to her hair--
brick:no one!! and i mean no one! dares leaves without saying goodbye but from you.....i want something else!!
blossom:uhh like what?
brick:this!!--pulls her in and kisses her--
blossom:--watches his hands just in case--
brick:--moves his hand down--
blossom:--grabs his hand and pushes him away--
blossom:would te stop doing that!!
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--last at--
butch:hey blossom...
butch:you just dont understand....
blossom:understand? understand what?
butch:who brick is with i hate to tell te this but..
butch:hes goin- -swallows scaredly-
blossom:what tell me!!
brick:hi butch....
butch:oh no!!.....hi :/
brick:what were te about to tell her continue the convo.
butch:i rather not...
brick:why not...
butch:i rather not say...
brick:hmm --grabs butch's collar--tell me!!
butch:its bout te cheating!!
brick:ahhh!! --throws him against wall--
butch:oww!! -brick and butch start fighting--
blossom:oh great!
breserk(blossoms opposite)-hello.......
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--where we were last at--
blossom:your evil?!
butch:of course i am..ya know its not so bad being evil........
blossom:yes it is!!
butch:no its not...i can prove it...
butch:oh i dont know....BECOME EVIL!!
blossom:i-i w--brick bust in--
brick:blossom:dont do it!
butch:no! --shoots laser and it hits brick and sticks him to the wall--
butch:--grabs blossoms arms-- be evil!
brick:blossom dont do it!
blossom:i-i i will!!
butch:oh shut up!
blossom:so what now?
butch:this..hugs her and his wings surrounds both of them--
blossom:so now im evil...
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--where we were last at--
brick:how could te turn her evil!?
blake:i didnt youve been unconscious for a year!
brick:what --turns around to butch--
blossom:so leave!
brick:fine......--flies off--
butch:i cant believe te did that blossom
blossom:looks and eyes turn red *voice gets sorda deep* bow down to me! --points to the floor--
butch:no-ahh yes master!
blake:i just Amore when te do that...
blossom: *giggles*
butch:i thought te loved brick
blossom:whos brick?
butch:your-wait blake! did te make her loose her memory?!
blake:eh? no --looks worried--
butch:hes one of your friends
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NARRATOR: Poor Buttercup! What ever will she do?

BUTTERCUP: Butch, I have to tell Blossom. And The Professor! Oh-no! I forgot about him! What will he say?

BUTCH: Well, we cant keep it a secret forever. I mean, eventually your gonna have it.

BUTTERCUP: Yeah, I know...

BUBBLES: Well, who are te gonna tell first?

BUTTERCUP: I think Blossom. She's good with these kinda things.

(They walk back into the court. Buttercup spots Blossom over da Brick.)


BUTTERCUP: I know, I know.

(She walks over to Blossom.)

BUTTERCUP: Ummm....Blossom? Can I speak to te in private?


(They walk behind...
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--last time--
blossom:so why am i here?
blake:i want te to be somethn!
blossom:like....... my girlfriend duh!
blossom:im dating bri-
blake:i know thats a lie!--grabs her camicia and a pocket knife--
blossom:ok ok its a lie!! just dont hurt me!!
blake:good! now stay here!
blossom:ok --sits down--
blake--walks off--
brick:pssp blossom!
blossom:what are te doing here?! do te know how much trouble ur going to get in!?
brick:i would do anything for te
blake:you would eh?
blossom:RUN BRICK!!
brick:no....NO più RUNNING!
blake:great a fight >:) --grabs coltello and slices his arm--
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posted by bubbles223
Bubbles , boomer calls wear r te she calls bake in the room her pregnancy line was showen and she was in pain boomer could do Nuttin to help her but a week later she is now giveing berth to a baby girl she loke like boomer but like bubbles blossom ,brick , butch , bc were there and she had a sweet ending expect that Thay hant fond out that bubbles and boomer did te know wat and successivo giorno bubbles was.throwen. up and a kiking started at ,her tummy and that night ,she sleeps on the cowch and in the midl ,of the night she skrems Thay rush to the neerest hospitl and. She gave berth thar to a boy and named ,him

The end
posted by Bell0PPGZ
 This is campana, bell
This is Bell
(The scene is at a park, where Brick is talking to
Blossom about something)

BLOSSOM: *Giggle* Why did te call me here Bricky?

BRICK:Well...... I don't know how to say this but.......

BLOSSOM:But what? te can tell me anything.

BRICK: *Sigh* I'm breaking up with you.

BLOSSOM:WHY?! *starts crying*

BRICK:It's not what your thinking!

BLOSSOM:It's that u r bad and I am good!

(Blossom runs off in the rain)

BRICK:I never loved her. She only loved me.

BRICK:I wish I had an other girl. Bubbles and
Buttercup are taken da my brothers. Where is an
other super power girl in Townsville?

(A crash happens not to far from...
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--last at--
butch:ughh how im i gonna break loose--bangs on cage--
butch:oh thank goodness ciao bro?
butch:can te use water to burn out this cage?
boomer:why sure i guess?
butch:ok...--boomer throws water on cage--
butch:thanks! i need your help
butch:brick took blossom and imma afraid hes gonna beat o kill her..
boomer:oh thts bad...come on!!
butch:ok--both fly off--
-------with breserk blossom and brick-------------
blossom:let me go!!
blossom:brick can i ask te a question...
blossom:why dont te Amore me like te did when we were younger.......
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--where we were last at-
brick:everyone stay HERE! dont follow!!
everybody:fine--flys off--
brick:oh blossom please be ok!
--with blossom--
blossom:ughh why does everyone want me to go out with him....
--walks in her house and sits on her bed--
blossom:*gasp*brick?! what are te doing here?!
brick:so will you?!
blossom:i dont know!!
brick:chill gurl
blossom:brick pleaseeee dont dress like this
brick:ha! whos says im gonna listen to you?! i dress the way I want!
blossom:what has gotten into te youve changed?!
brick:just you!
blossom:fine ill go out with you!
blossom:ok...go change!!
brick:how bout....NO!...
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