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'Trinity Wells Investigates': da Gareth Roberts (notion for series 4)
'This story idea was to use the American AMNN news anchor character Trinity Wells...Trinity wanted to return to the world of investigative journalism where she had made her name before becoming a newsreader, and believed that she had the scoop of the century concerning strange events occurring recently in Ealing and surrounding a woman called Sarah Jane Smith.'

UNTITLED: da Gareth Roberts (Series 4 notion)
'The Chandras are grabbed da the Russian equivalent of the extraterrestrial investigation organisation Torchwood...when...
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'Everyone's Asleep': da GARETH ROBERTS (series 4 notion)
'The Bannerman Road gang wake to find that the rest of the country is asleep apart from them. An alien has knocked out the whole population to execute a bizarre plan. (This later formed the basis of 'The Empty Planet''

'School Trip': da GARETH ROBERTS (series 4 notion)
'During a school trip, the youngsters find an alien in distress and have to help it without revealing its presence to the rest of their friends. This notion was conceived as a 'Sarah Jane-lite' narrative which would allow Elisabeth Sladen a break in the production.'

'Time Team':...
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