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Cierra Ramirez chats with StarCam at the 2012 Imagen Awards about her Best Supporting Actress nomination for "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" and how she's eager to get back on set.
La vita segreta di una teenager americana
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 this is what amy was whispering about her secret
this is what amy was whispering about her secret
we saw him. who? who?mark malena. the new counseler the new single dilicious counseler. oh. oh?u have something più exciting than mark malena? she's kinda cute who is that? no u didn't. with who? u couldn't have. how was it? imposible. back to who. i just...i can't believe u didn't tell us. telling u now. yeah well why are u telling us now? no. oh amy ur not. that's the 2nd campana, bell i have to go. we can't just go to class now. well i have to. i have to too i mean i think i'm already in anough trouble as it is with out skipping class. i have to go see ya guys. hi i was watching u and... . hey.

JULY 1 2008
Season 4, Episode 12
Airing: August 29, 2011

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Jack tries to reconnect with Grace while working on a project for school. Elsewhere, George notices that Anne and Nora have been bonding.

Genre: Teen, Drama, Family, abc-family
ABC Family Just about every teenager at one time o another feels like an outsider, as if nobody in the world understands them, especially their parents. This series focuses on the complex relationships between teenagers and their families. The series goes an additional layer deep da dealing with the issue of teen pregnancy and the fallout among the teens and their friends.
Opening Scene- Amy, is in the room still asleep and baby John is still in Ricky's arms. John, begins to cry hysterically and Ricky tries to quiet him, too late Amy wakes up.
-Opening Credits-
(Comercial break)
John- Waaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaa
Ricky- Shh shh little guy your going to wake mommy up.
Amy stretches and freaks out when she notices Ricky. Ricky rocks little John to sleep again.

Amy- Get Out!!! te can't just walk in my room like that and expect me to let te stay. Sure I understand te want to see your son but, go to school be something, do something else.
Ricky puts John in...
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