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I Amore playing the Sims 3...there's so much things to do...

1. Make a REALLY fat sim, and then make them work out a lot, watch them get slimmer.
2. Make Friends with a criminal and invite him to your parties.
3. Build a house with no toilet in it and watch.
4. Build the tiniest house ever, like a 1 meter house.
5. Do the opposite of what the instructions tell te to do.
6. Make a household of 8 sims, and make them all pregnant at the same time. Watch them giving birth at the same time.
7. Sleep with your neighbor's husband/wife.
8. design your sims to look like a family of hookers.
9. Make a really absurd and morbid looking sim and get him/her to flirt with a hot sim xD
10. Get 2 gays/lesbians and marry them.
11. Turn the whole town gay/lesbian.
12. Build stupid houses all over the town.
13. Knock down your workplace and laugh.
14. Rob houses.
15. Argue with fat sims.
16. Bash the really pretty sims.
17. unisciti a household and don't get along with anyone.
18. Sleep with your boss.
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Starvation - purple
Drowning - light blue, dripping water effect
Old age - light grey
fuoco - orange
Electrocution - Yellow, electric currents through it
Mummy's curse - black/white
Blunt force trauma - red
Ranting - green, letters and symbols coming out of it
squalo - blue/ rosa
Human statue - dark grey
Watery grave - dark blue
Meteor - orange/ black
gelatina fagiolo - purple/ black/ blue
Haunting curse - black/ green
Future urnstone hologram - don't know, will update soon
Time anomaly - VERY transparent light blue
Transmutation - gold

That was a lista of all ghosts and their colours in The Sims 3 . If I have missed any o made a mistake, let me know and I will modifica it as soon as possible.
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