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The Suite Life of Zack & Cody Domanda

Does Cole Sprouse not want to remember Suite Life of Zack and Cody?

I mean I know he's got Riverdale now and everything but I just feel like he doesn't seem to talk about doing TSLOZAC. I mean he seems to have blocked out certain moments from the mostra o Disney in general like for instance, when Riverdale was being talked about doing a musical episode. Cole detto "I just survived doing Disney without any singing" but he seems to have forgotten that he has done a fair share of singing. Like he's sung in a few episodes of Suite Life and also took part in the "A Dream Is a Wish Your cuore Makes" with the other Disney Channel stars. Maybe I'm just looking too much into this but I just feel like despite Suite Life being a successful mostra and he was around a group of people he got along with, it just seems like that was a time he would rather forget. At least nowadays. I mean I get as we get older, we sposta on and focus on other things but at the same time, I always believed te should never forget your past. I know Cole and even Dylan have had small Suite Life reunions like they reunited with Ashley Tisdale and Phill Lewis and Brenda Song and stuff but personally I just would like to see Cole take part in a q&a where he's asked about doing Suite Life and I would also really like to see the Suite Life cast get together for a reunion special. Not necessarily a reboot o anything like that. Just a cool reunion where the entire cast get together and relive memories of the show.
 beekee404 posted più di un anno fa
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