The Vampire Diaries *The Vampire Diaries 30 giorno Challenge*

leeleerobin posted on Feb 24, 2012 at 12:45AM
I got this idea from Tumblr and thought it would be cool to get to know my fellow TVD fans better.
The rules are: Each day you answer one question, starting from day 1 and you can start or stop whenever you like.
I hope you enjoy :)

Day 1: Favorite male character?
Day 2: Favorite female character?
Day 3: Favorite couple?
Day 4: Favorite AU couple?
Day 5: Favorite friendship?
Day 6: Favorite cast friendship?
Day 7: Favorite actor/actress?
Day 8: Favorite guest star?
Day 9: Favorite secondary character?
Day 10: Favorite season?
Day 11: Favorite episode?
Day 12: Favorite song from TVD?
Day 13: Favorite quote?
Day 14: Least favorite male character?
Day 15: Least favorite female character?
Day 16: Least favorite couple?
Day 17: Least favorite friendship?
Day 18: Least favorite episode?
Day 19: A character you disliked/hated but now like/love?
Day 20: A character you liked/loved but now dislike/hate?
Day 21: A character that should get more screen time?
Day 22: If you could bring one character back from the dead, who would it be?
Day 23: The character you're most similar to is?
Day 24: Something you love about TVD?
Day 25: Something you hate about TVD?
Day 26: A scene that shocked you?
Day 27: A scene that made you angry?
Day 28: A scene that made you cry?
Day 29: A scene that made you laugh?
Day 30: A scene that made you happy?

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