The Vampire Diaries "Best Words to Describe" Contest [Round 9 Open: 4x23 Graduation]

orkneymatrix posted on Aug 21, 2012 at 04:13PM
I give you a character or a pairing or something from the show, and you must come up with three different words to describe them. The fans will pick which words they think best describes it, and the winner will get 2 props. Pretty simple. :)

Round 1: Elena Gilbert: Warmhearted, Selfless, Strong, Katherine-P
Round 2: Caroline Forbes. Strong, Beautiful, Smart, kari91
Round 3: Damon Salvatore. Misunderstood, Gorgeous, Protective, En-
Round 4: Bonnie Bennett. Underrated, Unlucky, Strong, Sarah2393
Round 5: Katherine Pierce. Seductive, Badass, Manipulative, marlanido
Round 6: Stefan Salvatore. Ripper, Brooding, Protective, marlanido
Round 7: Damon & Elena. Love, Redemption, Desire, KarinaCullen
Round 8: Klaus Mikaelson. VOTE - link
Round 9: 4x23, Graduation.

 I give te a character o a pairing o something from the show, and te must come up with three diffe
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