The Vampire Diaries One da one - Character elimination game [ROUND4]

yashar_safavi posted on Aug 11, 2010 at 05:14PM
Here's how the game works, Each person starts with 10 points, and you + 1 point to a your favorite person, and you - 1 point to the one you didn't like. And if a person hits zero, they are eliminated.

You can vote every once in an hour!

Every time you put your answer you must copy and paste the new list. When someone is eliminated, just put a zero next to their name so we can see who it was.

I'll start

Katherine 10
Pearl 10
Johnathan 'John' Gilbert 10
Isobel Flemming 10
Stefan Salvatore 10
Jeremy Gilbert 10
Bonnie Bennett 10
Caroline Forbes 10
Matt Donovan 10
Jenna Sommers 10
Vicki Donovan 10
Alaric Saltzman 10
Sheriff Elizabeth Forbes 10
Anna 10
Logan Fell 10
Sheila Bennett 10
Zach Salvatore 10
Mayor Charles Lockwood 10
William Tanner 10
Ben McKittrick 10
Mrs. Lockwood 10
Noah 10
Emily Bennett 10

Winner Round 1
Damon Salvatore

Winner Round 2
Elena Gilbert

Winner Round 3
Tyler Lockwood

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