The Vampire Diaries Caroline Forbes icona Competition Round 21- Caroline "Name" [Now Open]

tvdlover posted on Mar 21, 2011 at 07:45PM

All you have to do is post an icon based on the theme I say...

The rules are simple:
1. You can only post ONE icon,
2. You can't vote for yourself,
3. You have to MAKE the icon, not find

You'll have 3 days to post your icon, then I'll make a pick to decide the winner!

winner gets 5 props

Round 1- Caroline in 'Founders Day'
winner: willow96
Round 2- Caroline in 'Masquerade'
winner: willow96
Round 3- Caroline in 'Miss Mystic Falls'
Round 4- Caroline in 'Kill Or Be Killed'
winner: willow96
Round 5- Caroline in 'Family Ties'
winner: CullenSisters-X
Round 6- Caroline in 'The Sacrifice'
winner: willow96
Round 7- Caroline and 'Matt'
winner: modernfan
Round 8- Caroline in 'The Sun Also Rises'
winner: Ledenata
Round 9- Caroline in 'As I Lay Dying'
winner: Vampire_Orchid
Round 10- Caroline 'Crying'
winner: Vampire_Orchid
Round 11- Caroline 'Vampire Face'
winner: willow96
Round 12- Caroline and 'Tyler'
winner: willow96
Round 13- Caroline and 'Elena'
winner: Vampire_Orchid
Round 14- Caroline and 'Katherine'
Winner: CullenSisters-X
Round 15- Caroline and 'Bonnie'
Winner: vampirefreak_26
Round 16- Caroline 'Sad'
Winner: el0508
Round 17- Caroline And Liz (Her Mom)
Winner: MomoiroxChan
Round 18- Caroline "Lips"
Winner: el0508
Round 19- Caroline "Eyes"
Winner: Vampire_Orchid
Round 20- Caroline laughing [Now Close]
Round 21- Caroline name [Now Open]
Winner: [Now Open]

 [b] All te have to do is post an icona based on the theme I say... The rules are simple: 1. te ca
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