The Vampire Diaries Which Character Has The Best Spot Motto? (NOT YOUR FAVE CHARACTER)

Pick one:
Better te die than I.
Dear diary, today will be different.
Maybe she'll surprise you, people have a tendency to do that
That guy was the killer? The guy that kissed me?
Club for Jenna fan
I'm the most dangerous thing you're ever likely to encounter in your life.
For over a century, I have lived in secret. Until now. I am a vampire...
The hand-some werewolf from The Vampire Diaries
Elena's troubled brother from the new "The Vampire Diaries" tv mostra
I was right about Mystic Falls. There's evil here. I can feel it... everywhere.
from the Vampire Diaries
Your Fave Girl Vampire From The Vampire Diaries
The Hot Werewolf On The Vampire Diaries
For fan Of Uncle John!!! :)
one of the Originals, the oldest and most powerful vampires.
No motto
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