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ciao Guys...

Sooo te probably remember my bacheca post of me having a little "secret",which will no longer be a secret because I'm saying it riiiight,now

So,you're probably wondering what is my secret,and before I say it,I wanna say, IT IS SO STUPID, I know none of te will think it is a huge deal,but it is to ME,so,now,if te don't care if it is silly o not...Read on...

I'm not actually 13,I'm 10.

Yep,I lied about something as stupid as THAT. But please,don't be mad from me for lying about this stupidity.

I shouldn't have detto I was 13. I mean,seriously,who cares about ages anyways?
The biggest reason I detto I wasn't 10 years old,is because I thought te guys won't like me,and then leave me out like all other people on other sites. But I realized te guys are different. te are loyal,sweet,funny,and understanding. I can't imagine what my life will be without you.

And another reason I lied to te is because,when I first signed up,my Friends and I weren't getting along really well. I used to go out alone in recess,trying not to let anyone know I was crying. So when I decided to make an account,I thought I might have a better chance of having Friends here if I was the same age as most people here.

And,the reason I TOLD te is because I saw color's post on the YOU! forum,and she detto she was 11,so te guys didn't seem to care what her age was,so I thought I should tell you.

(: Sorry for my secret being stupid :)

Byee! :)(:~:)(:~♥♥♥
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