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posted by Princess-Flora
After nominations and voting we have our winners. This articolo will contain the user and what they won,and the link to the forum with the edits.

and the Winners for this anno are

Best Amore Story for Amore Problems

Best Action Story for Winx,meet the Avengers

Best Mystery for The Silver Ring
Best Video Contributor
Best Link Contributor
Cool Kid

Best Sob Story for Heartbroken
Queen Bee In Training

Best Horror for Dark fiori and Light Shadows
Kept te On The Edge of Your sede, sedile for Break

Biggest Bloom...
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posted by dragonwinxbloom
i dont own anything
It's a brand new day
The sun is high up in the sky
One più adventure
We must be ready for the fight
Together we're stronger
And that's why we will always win
We'll face the danger
This time we're gonna save the world
And just like last time
We're gonna wipe away the dark
We gotta make it
No time to hesitate
But still...
Sometimes I look at myself
I wonder
Will I be strong enough?
And will I make it to the end?
My Friends keep tellin' me

You're the one
Who can do the incredible things te do?
You're the best
And baby te deserve the gift te have
(Can't te see)
te are strong
te fight against the demons every day
You're a star
Remember where te come from, who te are
Come unisciti us!
posted by allicyn123
The Sisters were 15 minuti late for cena and got a 5 minuto leture from the professers so really it was grab and go for the girls. Icy grabbed a soda and ran back to the dorm while darcy and stormy prefferd the tuna sandwiches. they unpacked there stuff and ate the remander of there 'dinner'. The intercom came on and the crackled voice of miss griffen warned " Lights out in 10 minuti girls" Icy finished her soda and thought about how she was sopposed to sleep now, the light went of and Icy tripped on Stormys libri on the way to her bed. "Stormy..." Icy whisperd to her self, she loved her...
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posted by laylafly
Winx Club In Concert-Heart Of Stone


I've tried to understand you
but youre still a mystery
sometimes I feel your close
sometimes were miles away

I wish I knew the secret
to reach your cuore cause lately
you've got me feeling so alone

One giorno te take me up
and the successivo giorno te would bring me down
stop playing with my feelings
I'm about to lose my mind

Just put your arms around me
why cant te say te Amore me?
And I cant take this anymore

I've had enough of rainy days
just say you're sorry its too late
my life has just begun
Ill be okay

That's why I'm walking out the door
who can Amore a cuore of...
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posted by laylafly
Start making some changes in your routine and improve your performance!

Take a look at this lista of study tips and develop più effective and efficient study habits to help te improve your complessivamente, generale grades in school!
Write Down Every Assignment
The most logical place to write down your assignments is in a planner, but te might prefer to keep a to-do lista in a simple notebook o in your cell phone note pad. It doesn't really matter what tool te use, but it is absolutely essential to your success to write down every single assignment, due date, test date, and task.
Organize With Color
Devise your...
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posted by Alifya
What is so fascinating about bubbles? The precise spherical shape, their incredibly fragile nature, the beautiful colours that shimmer…and the fact that they are made only of water and soap!! All what te need to create amazing bubbles is:

*6 cups of hot water (Distilled is best)
*2 cups of dish washing liquid
*3/4 cup mais syrup (Karo Light), if te don’t have it, use honey o sugar!
*A blowing cone

First of all te have to create the cone: te can make your own with only two sheets of Scrivere paper, masking tape and scissors. Start da rolling the two paper sheets into a funnel shape. Roll...
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posted by Alifya
Here it is a little quiz to know yourself better! Answer 'Yes' o 'No' for each question! Concentrate…

Do te often feel the pain of others?
Is your mood highly dependent on the moods of people around you?
Does 'reading-between-the-lines' come easily to you?
Are te very sensitive to noises around you?
Are te easily scared o startled?
Are te an animal lover?
Do te have hermit qualities, preferring solitude over parties?
Is care giving a natural response te give to anyone hurting?
Are te easily moved da an amazing song, film, o piece of art?
Do te consider yourself to be in harmony with...
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Source: deviantART User: ConsantStyle
hi guys It flora James here,
and happy late valentines everybody im sorry ive not been posting in a while im just on a downer at the moment but I have something awesome I would Amore to do but I need your help
most of te know that arcobaleno has season 6 of winx club and I thought of doing are own version saves me animating we use the animazione used and we do the voice of the winx
what do te say are te guys in
characters that are needed are
and the specialist
miss faragonda
well vertically everone but flora who I have some one to voice already...
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