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andrew_somer posted on Aug 02, 2010 at 01:28PM

Since 1993, Totally Collectible has been bringing authentic, hand signed, limited edition Hollywood memorabilia to the public. Totally Collectible’s products have been carried nationwide at some of the top entertainment locations including: Walt Disney World, MGM Grand Las Vegas, Warner Bros., New Line Cinema shop, Music Sound Exchange and Genesis catalogues.

With the recent craze in autograph collecting as well as a continued and increased interest in the Wizard of Oz, lifelong friends Andy Marvel™ and Andrew Somer decided to take their love of autograph collecting, movies and entertainment and create a business aimed at bringing limited edition autographed TV & movie memorabilia to the public. The Wizard of Oz is a favorite movie of both Andy and Andrew. Loved by millions of children of all ages, Oz was the perfect launch product for the company. Many of the original Munchkins were personal friends of Andy. He also became very close friends with Margaret Hamilton (the Wicked Witch of the West) in the years before her death.

Andy and Andrew obtained licensing rights from Turner Entertainment to create a limited edition Oz poster which would be signed by two of the Munchkins. This would be the first poster authorized by Turner to feature two Munchkin characters and signatures. This, combined with original artwork made for a combination that was charming, colorful and collectible. A finished piece was even presented to Ted Turner (see letter below).

The private signings for both the 9 signature and 2 signature posters took place on Long Island where each poster was autographed by the stars. The Munchkins contracted included Jerry Maren (Lollipop Kid), Meinhard Raabe (Munchkin Coroner), Clarence Swensen, Betty Tanner, Mickey Carroll, Nels Nelson, Karl Slover, Lewis Croft and Margaret Pellegrini. Videos and pictures were taken and stories were exchanged about their careers as well as experiences on the set with Judy Garland. During breaks, the Munchkins pointed out many of their friends while watching their scenes in the movie on Laserdisc.

Totally Collectible’s additional limited products include a cast signing from the TV show, The Munsters. Butch Patrick, who portrayed Eddie Munster, is a close friend to Andy Marvel™. Additional signings with top celebrities have taken place as well.

Both The Wizard of Oz and The Munsters pieces include signatures from celebrities who have since died. This makes the products scarce, collectible, and valuable to both collectors and fans.

Andy Marvel™ has worked in the entertainment industry with many celebrities. Andrew Somer, is a media guru and part-time actor. One thing’s for sure, this team follows their dreams – even if they are found somewhere over the rainbow.

Don’t miss out on your chance to own a little piece of classic Hollywood history. Since 1993, Totally Collectible has been bringing authentic, hand signe

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