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rosetempest posted on Jun 14, 2011 at 11:14PM
Has anyone read the Vampirates series? I think that Tim Burton should turn those books into movies because the book is written VERY well, and I would love to see Jutsin Somper, the author
of Vampirates, get noticed because of his amazing book series. I really hope that maybe I could find Tim to tell him how good of a movie the books would make.

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più di un anno fa gabriello9 said…
I made a search about Vampirates series, and found six books; a blend of vampires and pirates!
Yeah, it could be suitable case for Tim Burton, but I guess he's too busy workin on his own ideas. :)
più di un anno fa JDandTB said…
i think he should do a re-make of little shop of horrors. and make it a little less singy, and a little more, well...him! but thats just my thoughts.
più di un anno fa flapjak20 said…
I think Tim could take any movie he wanted and could make it 10x better. I think he could remake A clockwork orange really well.
più di un anno fa Mallymkun13 said…
Tim burton should totally do the peter pan movie, i will die if that happens, imagine...perfect movie
più di un anno fa kniqui said…
i think tim burton should do the movie wizard oof oz
più di un anno fa booklover35 said…
1. May Bird and the Ever After
2. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mindy
3. Dracula
4. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
5. The Addams Family
6. The Munsters
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