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thingummijig posted on Jan 14, 2009 at 01:31PM
I'm trying to buy a Top Gear DVD that includes the episide in 2006 when they went on a caravan holiday. I see a box set on various sites, but can't find a detailed description of what's on there.

Does anyone happen to own a copy and could tell me which DVD it is?


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più di un anno fa henbenjess said…
spoke to amazon UK. they have third party sellers of this DVD...BUT unfortunately it is region one which may not play in UK. I am looking for one to use in suny Australia
più di un anno fa henbenjess said…
If you find out which copy it is on can you please tell me also. Top Gear... The best show on TV.many thanks. henbenjess
più di un anno fa thingummijig said…
"spoke to amazon UK. they have third party sellers of this DVD"

You say "this DVD", but that was my original question. Which exact DVD contains this episode? Anyone know?
più di un anno fa crist said…
più di un anno fa crist said…
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