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DandC4evacute posted on Feb 22, 2012 at 10:16PM
this is an rp.

2. if you start something, make sure that you can add everyone in it too!


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più di un anno fa Or3oGurl said…
Dylan: I thought you would start going on a planning frenzy.

Jenny: Erica spread her powers onto you, but I guess it didn't show immediately.
più di un anno fa DandC4evacute said…
Adriana: it's Summer. I'm much more relaxed.

Olivia: y-you mean...?
più di un anno fa Or3oGurl said…
Dylan: well okay.

Jenny: you're half vampire now.
più di un anno fa DandC4evacute said…
Addison: awesome to hear that. Talk to you later, okay?

Adriana: okay!

Olivia: oh...
più di un anno fa Or3oGurl said…
Kim: *wakes up* what's with all that noise!

Dylan: crap.

Jenny: you won't have their weakness, but their strengths. The only weakness is the thirst.
più di un anno fa DandC4evacute said…
Addison: oh, fantastic.

Olivia: well, at least that's some good news. *sighs* what do I do?
più di un anno fa Or3oGurl said…
Kim: um, Is breakfast ready or wut?

Ethan: I already made your plate.

Kim: ooooh, great! *grabs a plate and starts eating*

Jenny: I don't know. If you want to be cured you'll have to.....well..... here's the bad news.
più di un anno fa DandC4evacute said…
Addison: *sighs, like: "what can you do?"*

Olivia: no, I mean... About Erica?
più di un anno fa Or3oGurl said…
Kim: *turns to Addison* You got a problem there sistah?

Jenny: that is the bad news. I have a strange feeling Erica has been kidnapped, and the only way to cure yourself is to kill Erica.
più di un anno fa DandC4evacute said…
Addison: none in particular...

Olivia: *eyes go wide* I-I can't do that! I've never even hurt a fly!
più di un anno fa Or3oGurl said…
Kim: that's what I thought.

Jenny: I'm sorry Olivia.
più di un anno fa DandC4evacute said…
Addison: *rolls eyes*

Olivia: *fighting back tears*
più di un anno fa Or3oGurl said…
Ethan: *hears the door ring and answers*

???: Hi Ethan.

Ethan: yikes! *quickly closes the door*

Dylan: who was that?

Ethan: *quickly answer* no one!

Marlene: Was that Miranda?

Ethan: shhh!

Miranda: um, may I come in?

Jenny: hugs her. We have to find her.
Or3oGurl commented…
I was. Trying to add the "*" on hugs her. But my phone won't let me modifica it. più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa DandC4evacute said…
Lila: who's Miranda?

Addison: that name sounds familiar...

Olivia: *nods*

Sebastian: it should've been me...
più di un anno fa Or3oGurl said…
Marlene: *opens the door*

Miranda:* she walks in wearing pretty casual clothes* well, that wasn't a very respectable way of greeting an old friend, Ethan.

Ethan: I don't call ex's old friends.

Jenny: *sighs* don't think like that. Come on, let's go look for her. *she gets up and runs into the forest*
più di un anno fa DandC4evacute said…
Lila: *stands up* excuse me!

Olivia and Sebastian: *follow*

più di un anno fa Or3oGurl said…
Ethan: don't worry, Lila.

Jenny: *sees Danielle laying on the ground injured and gasp*

Danielle: *tries to get up*

Jenny: *runs to danielle* what happened?

Danielle: t-they took Erica and disappeared.
più di un anno fa DandC4evacute said…
Lila: hm...

Sebastian: shit, I'm so sorry...
più di un anno fa Or3oGurl said…
Miranda: no need to feel jealous, little girl. *smiles*

Jessica: *records*

Jenny: *she gives Olivia a sword* look, I know you haven't killed before, but it's time to step out of your comfort zone. *she turns to Sebastian* take Danielle back to the house or the hospital.
più di un anno fa DandC4evacute said…
Lila: *thinks to herself: stay calm, Lila... you have every reason to...* oh, hun, why would I be jealous?

Addison: oh crap...

Olivia: to KILL someone?!

Sebastian: *picks Danielle up* *takes her to a hospital*
più di un anno fa Or3oGurl said…
Miranda: no reason at all.

Ethan: uhh Miranda I need to talk to you. *grabs her arm and brings her to his room*

Miranda: what do you want to talk about?

Ethan: what are you doing here?

Miranda: just visiting. Your mother allowed me to stay a couple nights.

Ethan: *sighs* darn it mother.

Miranda: *she runs her fingers through his hair and down his cheek* you haven't changed a bit.

Ethan: *grabs her hand and quickly moves it off his cheek* I'm with someone else.

Miranda: I-I.... *takes a deep breath then smiles* I understand. May she bring happiness towards you.

Ethan: look, I know our high school relationship wasn't as planned but, *sighs*

Miranda: then why? *places her hand on his cheek and moves her head closer to his* why did you end us?

Ethan: *he gently places his hand on hers and moves closer* because, *he grips her hand a bit tight and throws it down off his cheek* you were a manipulator and a lier! You turned my friends and family against me and tried to trap me with lies!

Miranda: I did what was best for us!

Ethan: You think a F**king fake pregnancy test is how you would save what we use to have?!

Miranda: *she stands quiet and stunned*

Jenny: do you want to be saved or not?
più di un anno fa DandC4evacute said…
Lila: *bites lip*

Olivia: yes, but... I l-love h-her... a-and... *starts to cry*
più di un anno fa Or3oGurl said…
Miranda: *leaves his room* he said he would like to be in his room and rest. *turns towards Lila and thinks for a moment* May I share a few conversations with you?

Jenny: *hugs her* sometimes, If you love something very much, you have to let it go.
più di un anno fa DandC4evacute said…
Lila: I guess so...

Addison: hm... something's not right...

Olivia: yeah, and the next part of the saying is, "If they love you too, they'll come back."
più di un anno fa Or3oGurl said…
Miranda: *she walks with Lila to another unused room* I have questions I would like to ask you.

Jenny: we have to kill Thomas, maybe Erica will break free from that curse or whatever it is. But if kill Thomas doesn't work, then you know what we must do.
più di un anno fa DandC4evacute said…
Lila: *unsure* yes...?

Olivia: okay... *nods* do you know where they are?
più di un anno fa Or3oGurl said…
Miranda: how did you and Ethan meet?

Jenny: some cave. Come, I think I might know. *runs through the forest for a cave*
più di un anno fa DandC4evacute said…
Lila: oh, we happened to be at the same park, and he flirted with me. Not really the most exciting meeting.

Olivia: *follows*
più di un anno fa Or3oGurl said…
Miranda: sounds like him. Do you trust him? Do you think he would tell you anything?

Jenny: *sees a cave* there! *runs inside*
più di un anno fa DandC4evacute said…
Lila: we've been dating for... a year and a half, so it really depends. I'm more flexible than people think.

Olivia: *follows*
più di un anno fa Or3oGurl said…
Miranda: did he tell you about his daughter?

~Olivia and Jenny are teleported into a mysterious place and there was Erica with her back facing them~
più di un anno fa DandC4evacute said…
Lila: *scoffs, and smirks* Miranda, listen. I know when girls are being fake. I used to BE a fake bitch.

Olivia: *gulps*
più di un anno fa Or3oGurl said…
Miranda: I have pictures. *she show a picture of a 2 year old girl who look a lot like Ethan*

Jenny: Erica?

Erica: *doesn't move* Olivia? You're here too?
più di un anno fa DandC4evacute said…
Lila: she looks like Rachel..

Olivia: y-yes...
più di un anno fa Or3oGurl said…
Miranda: oh really? *she zooms out the picture and she's holding the little girl in front of her own house*

Erica: *she slowly turns around and her eyes glow yellow* so nice of you to join is.

Jenny: *pulls out a sword*

~Lithia and Thomas appears next to Erica~

Lithia: now, now, there's no need to draw weapons.

Thomas: I agree.
più di un anno fa DandC4evacute said…
Lila: *shrugs* guys used to lie to me about being virgins, they thought that that was girls wanted. I thought Ethan was different from that, but whatever. Nothing a few conversations won't fix.

Olivia: *starts to cry again* Erica... *holds back tears, and turns to Thomas and Lithia* what I don't understand is, why are you still living in a time where HOMOSEXUAL MARRIAGE is LEGAL?
più di un anno fa Or3oGurl said…
Miranda: you're just like me. I bet you wonder why he's with you in the first place.

Thomas: *facepalm* I don't care about your sexuality, I'm just here for Erica.

Lithia: to make me immortal.

Jenny: come on Olivia! This isn't about marriage!
~ Jenny runs up to Thomas and they start to battle each other~
più di un anno fa DandC4evacute said…
Lila: no...?

Olivia: *gets an idea* hmm.. *starts calling sharks to come and help her fight*

*all these sharks come*
più di un anno fa Or3oGurl said…
Miranda: *sighs* never mind. *leaves the room then says to herself about Lila* you better watch yourself, little girl. *walks to Marlene* so marlene, where will I be sleeping?

Marlene: there's an empty room next to Ethan's room. You could sleep there.

Miranda: perfect!
~some hours later, it's night time~

Miranda:*yawns* boy, what a great we had.

Kim: girl! We should hang around a lot more! *smiles* I missed you gurl!

Dylan: *to himself* I'm sure you do. *holding rachel then turns to Addison* here. *gives Rachel to Addison* she's falling asleep. I made her bed and she should be perfect for tonight. I'm going to bed.

Ethan: *Drinking*

Jessica: whoa, that's enough Ethan.

Ethan: I might need a few more.

Jessica: *whispers to Ethan* I know having Miranda here is a little... Akaward, but you can't let her get to you.

Ethan: *sighs the he gets up and goes to in his room and sits on his bed*

Miranda: *walks into her room and closes the door*

Lithia: *tries to fight off the sharks but one of them grabs her staff and snatched it away* Nooo!!
più di un anno fa DandC4evacute said…
Addison: *smiles and picks her up* *puts her to bed* *goes to Dylan's room*

Lila: *goes to Ethan's room* Ethan...? Can I talk to you?

Olivia: *smirks* looks like this little girl isn't so helpless after all. You should never mess with the princess of the sea.
più di un anno fa Or3oGurl said…
Ethan: sure. Make sure you close the door.

Lithia: you dirty fish!

Thomas: *cuts Jenny's cut deep*

Jenny: *screams briefly then pants*
più di un anno fa DandC4evacute said…
Lila: *closes the door* do you really have a two-year-old?

Olivia: what? Can't fight back? *gets some seaweed to help Jenny with her cut, then back to fighting* *turns to the sharks* get her.
più di un anno fa Or3oGurl said…
Ethan: what? No way. I bet Miranda is behind this! *sighs* she has always lied to me and those around me.

Erica: *appears behind Olivia and touches her shoulder* Olivia.
più di un anno fa DandC4evacute said…
Lila: I figured so. But why did your mom invite her?

Olivia: this isn't you, Erica!
più di un anno fa Or3oGurl said…
Ethan: my mom and Miranda had a very close relationship. Miranda's mother died when she was 7 years old and she hates her step mom. Marlene is like the mother she deeply loved. When she first stayed at my house she immediately got attached to my mom, we were both 16. I woke up to get me some water then I saw Miranda laying on the couch with her head on my mom's lap, my mom was petting her hair and singing to her. That's how close they were.

Erica: No, you're wrong. *her voice turns demonic* this is me!

Thomas: *appears behind Erica and hold her close* we will finally be together forever.

Erica: yes, my husband.

Jenny: *shoots a long white glowing arrow through Thomas and Erica*

Erica: *gasp*
*Erica and Thomas screams in pain*

*one of the sharks crushes Lithia's staff*

Lithia: *gasp* NOOOO!!!!!!
più di un anno fa DandC4evacute said…
Lila: oh...

Olivia: *smirks*
più di un anno fa Or3oGurl said…
Ethan: *sighs* Dylan warned me about her.

Lithia: *she quickly ages, but runs up to Olivia with a knife before she stabs Olivia she turns to dust then the knife drops*

Jenny: you did it!

*Erica and John glow red and flies up in the air her eyes turns back to normal but says in a weak voice* o-olivia? I-I'm...not going to make it. *pants*
più di un anno fa DandC4evacute said…
Lila: that was one thing he was right about. *giggles* just kidding.

Olivia: *runs to Erica and holds her* you know I'll always love you.
più di un anno fa Or3oGurl said…
Ethan: *smiles a bit and pulls her closer to him* I guess so. I believed her, Dylan admitted he was jealous of me a week before she framed him and made me turn against him. She wrote a fake letter using the same convensing handwriting as him, saying how much he loved Miranda. I lost most of my friends because they saw her buying a used positive pregnancy test.

Erica: *smiles then she glows a bit and her and Thomas turn into themselves when they first married each other in the 1400s wedding attire and floats up and slowly disappears*
più di un anno fa DandC4evacute said…
Lila: oh my god... What did she want from all of this?

Olivia: I-I miss you... *hugs Jenny and starts to cry*