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Okay, well, te all know about the lots of Courtney fan on this spot, right?
And that people like me rebel against those fan because we hate the bitch? (no disrespect intended.)
Well, I'd placed a commento on someone's picture a loooong time ago. It was a pic of how everyone's clothes were Courtney color-coordinated.
This was my comment:

Me: Oh, wow xD
Sara: Noah's gone to the dark side, what a shame *huggles Gordon* Guess I'll have to settle for this cutie xD
Gordon: O_O S**T!
Chealsea: OOH! I want one!
*we all stare at her*
Chealsea: ...what? I like Courtney!
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posted by Trent-lover123
>(Ranma jumps in roxys arms while puring) Roxy:Aww Ranma are te tring to act like a kity for me. Ranmas dad:when hes traped da Gatti he gets so scared he starts recitazione like one. Every one:Ohhh. Reyoga:what a sham so NOW I CAN DEFET RANMA HAHA!!Alex:any one want più p.... Roxy:say pizza one più time your fiered. Alex:cake any one hee hee. Roxy:just shut alex. Riana:I Amore te reyoga. Starr:I want cake cheese cake. Karen:whos a cute little kitty. Ranma:hiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssss. Karen:you are really mean kitty I hate your human like cat. Roxy:he needs to get use to te god women. Kyoya:but...
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Seiamica: ciao ciao peoples! Today, we're going to run down a little lista that we like to call the...
Ten Reasons why we hate Justin list!
JG: He is arguably the most hated camper on the show.
Seiamica: So....Let's start this list!

Seiamica: He's rude
JG: He's ugly
Seiamica: He's stuck up
JG: He's ugly.
Seiamica: He got to return to TDA when Cody, Eva, and Noah DIDN'T
JG: He's so ugly
Seiamicaa: He thinks he's the best, but he's just a douche bag
JG: He's SO D@mn ugly!
Seiamica: He's such a wimp! He can't even get his hair wet!
JG And Seiamica: And he's SO D@mn ugly!

Seiamica: I know, that was random. But...
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Oh And da Katie I Mean Sonicluver101.

Katie: "I Need A Blue Sweater So I Can Cosplay As Bridgette?"
Lindsay: "Hey! Wanna Go To The Mall To Look For The Blue Sweater?"
Katie: "Sherre."
Lindsay: *Runs To Car Place* "Let Me Get My License First!"
Katie: "Mkay."

*1 ora Later*

Lindsay: "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I Failed Because I Didn't Have The Paperstuff To Take The Test?"
Katie: "Then Why'd Ya Take An Hour?"
Lindsay: "I Kept Argueing With The Guy!"
Katie: O.O
Lindsay: "Tyson Can te Take Me And Kaylee To The Mall?"
Tyler: "Um..........No."
Lindsay: "Pweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze?"
Tyler: "Alright. You...
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