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This part was where the blame for two possible reasons for being inappropriate o insulting U.S.
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Owen:It's creepy how they stand there,and don't even blink!
I don't wanna see his bum,naked and pink

Noah:Hey buddy,
can we bribe you,
to strip yourself down?

Owen:Yum-Yum Happy Go Time Fish?

Noah:Don't kill him,Clown!

Courtney:No way,I can't strip him,Duncan will Freak!

Heather:And I'm allergic to uniform

Gwen:Okay,that just weak

Sierra:I made a vow that Cody's the only man for me

Gwen:Okay,so then I have to do it,uh,Hello?Injury!? Ow!

Courtney:If we're gonna find the clue...

Heather:There's only thing to do!

Sierra:Force someone to strip him down!

Courtney,Heather,Sierra:And,sorry, Gwen it's you

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