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Ok this is a few weeks after Courtney got voted off and Trent got voted off. Courtney's POV I wonder if Duncan voted me off cause who else would'be it been if its Harold I'm gonna shove my arm down his throat and grab his cuore and slap his I was thinking this when I ran into somebody. And that somebody is Trent. Trent:*Blushes* Oh uh sorry Courtney. Courtney:oh no its cool. I kinda blushed after he walked off-wait I'm with Duncan!Trent's POV OMG why did I blush like that? Do I have feelings for Courtney?-Wait I'm with Gwen! Does Trent and Courtney have feelings for eachother find out on part 2!!!!!!!!!
posted by trentgwenfan1
with trent in history
courtney ciao duncy
trent oh crap oh hi courtney how is it going
vourtney good still up 4 that movie fridaynight
trent umm welll
courtney well what r u breakig up with me
trent no no no not at all ok well i am not really duncan i'm trent
courtney ha i hared of that joke b4 duncan
trent it's true!
courtney duncan stop i know your tessing
trent tessing i would never
courtney i don't know whats going on but your recitazione weired
duncan can't belive science is trent's first subject
gwen trent what wa wrong with u this moreing
duncan i'm not really trent ok...
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posted by trentgwenfan1
trent's pov

when i woke up this moreing i was a dog clore on me amd i was in a blace room with goth c.d's then when i stode up i saw duncan's heand i felt crazy then i went 2 the bathroom i nearly screamed vuz i saw duncan in the mirror i nearly passed out cuz i have no feelings 4 courtney duncan dose i have feelings 4 gwen not courtney

duncan's pov
when i woke up i was in evis room aka trent's i saw his gutair and everything i thought y in the world was i in trent's room then i wnet 2 the bathroom and i saw trent ihit myslef i the face 2 wake me up it didn't work and i thought how am i sopost...
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posted by trentgwenfan1
duncan aww late again crap i have detention
courtney whats wrong duncy
duncan i got detention again
courtney awww i feel sry 4 u i never get detention
courtney ciao WACH WERE U THROW YOUR BULCRAP U THING *throws the ball at a theacher da acsadnet * uh oh
mr.Rogers ms.barns u have detentionn *
courtney me yes u
ms.melody ok class trun in your homework on the front scrivania, reception
gwen oh crap i frogot i was so bissy
ms.melody gwen were is your homework
gwen i frogot
ms.melody gwen u have detention
gwen crap!
duncan guys i got detention 4 being late...
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