coppie della TV These are my preferito couples. Which one do te like best?

Pick one:
Damon and Elena(The Vampire Diaries)
Jack and Rose(Titanic)
Jackie and Hyde(That 70s Show)
Kate and Sawyer(Lost)
Craig and Ellie(Degrassi)
Tyler and Caroline(The Vampire Diaires)
Sean and Emma(Degrassi)
Amy and Ricky(Secret Life )
Sam and Trent(The Best Years)
Paige and Alex(Degrassi)
ghiandaia, ghiandaia, jay and Manny(Degrassi)
Owen and Anya(Degrassi)
Cory and Topanga(Boy Meets World)
Ned and Moze(Ned's Declassifed School Survival Guide)
Carly and Freddie(iCarly)
Grace and Jack(Secret Life)
Hannah and Caleb(Pretty Little Liars)
Claire and Eli(Degrassi)
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