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posted by ktbminnie12
You're in for a real treat!!!!

Bella’s POV

    It’s been 4 months. I’m still sitting in this dark basement, alone and scarred. I missed Edward so much. I hope they find me soon. I don’t know how much più of the beatings I could take.
    Every night, Lorenzo would come in and beat me until I passed out. I don’t know why he did it. I didn’t do anything to him. One night he beat me so hard, I started bleeding. I could feel the marks on my arms where he beat me so hard.
    Three days ago, I asked him to leave me alone. Actually, it was più of a demand and scream. I told him to leave me alone and I hoped he would die a slow and painful death. I got severely punished for that. He slapped me across my face and stepped on my ankle with full force. I could feel it break. It’s still broken and it hurts so bad.
    I have a gash in my wrist where I’ve tried to yank off the chain that was holding me there. te know what sucks more, Lorenzo doesn’t hunt. He can poof himself up some blood with his witch powers. So he never leaves.
    I have burns on my arms where he’s burned me a couple of times. It hurts, but not as bad as my right ankle. It hurts the worst. I can’t even sposta it.
    I looked at my engagement ring. The one Edward gave me. It’s the only thing keeping me alive. The only thing that reminds me to go ahead and kill myself. It’s all I have of Edward.
    I still have on my clothes from the party. I’m lucky enough though for Lorenzo to actually let me take a shower. But he has to be in there while I take it. Hasn’t he ever heard of personal space. The only time he steps out is when I am getting dressed.
    I only get showers twice a month. I’m lucky enough today, to get one.
    Lorenzo came down and stopped in front of me.
    “How’s the puny human today?” he sneered.
    “Good, Master,” I said. He could hear the scare in my voice. I know I could.
    He slapped me across my face and undid the chain. Did I mention he slaps me a lot?
    “Get up before I change my mind about your doccia privileges,” he said.
    “Yes, Master,” I said.
    I got up slowly and hobbled up the stairs. I only hobbled because of my foot. I reached the superiore, in alto of the stairs and grabbed the handle. From there I hobbled to another set of stairs. I hobbled up those stairs and stopped at the bathroom.
    Lorenzo unlocked it and went inside.
    “Let me know when you’re in the shower,” he said.
    “Yes, Master,” I said.
    He pushed me in and, naturally, I fell down. But I had an excuse. I had a broke ankle. I picked myself back up and watched Lorenzo shut the door. I quickly undressed and turned on the water.
    When I got in I pulled the doccia curtain across so I couldn’t reveal my naked body.
    “I’m in, Master,” I said.
    I heard him come in. I had to hurry. I only get five minuti to shower, then five to dry off. I washed my hair and shut the water off. Now I had eight minutes.
    “I’m done, Master,” I said.
    I heard him leave. I stepped out and wrapped myself in the towel. I quickly dried off. When I was done I hobbled over to the door and opened it.
    “Finally, you’re done,” Lorenzo said.
    He grabbed my hair and pulled me down to the basement. My ankle was protesting the whole way. When we reached the stairs to the basement, he shoved me down them. I fell down each stair.
         My ribs started hurting. Either they were severely bruised o they were broken. I tried to get up but winced in pain. Oh yeah broken.
    Lorenzo started laughing. He came down and dragged me da my hair. He chained me up and went upstairs. I started sobbing.
    I couldn’t take it anymore. I was fixing to snap when I heard something happening upstairs. I heard a blood curling scream. I suddenly smelled smoke. That means someone had to have found me.
    But what if it was Lorenzo. I didn’t care. I was taking that chance.
    “Is anyone there?” I screamed out.
    “Hello? Can te hear me? I need help please? Is anyone there?” I started sobbing.
    Suddenly, the door flew open. I looked to the superiore, in alto and froze as the light hit the figure.
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posted by mrsblack_1089
Hey, guys! Finally had some time to write this today. Let me know what te think!!

I paced anxiously in front of Alice at the mouth of the cave. Her blank expression, which happened whenever she had a vision, always sent me into a slight panic.
Her eyes refocused on me, and she rolled her eyes. "Relax, please. It's too bad that that empathy stuff doesn't work on you. te could really use it sometimes. I don't know why my visions send te into such a panic. It's irritating, really..."
"What did te see, Alice?" Though I probably already knew.
"It's the fifth vision of them I've had this week,...
continue reading...
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