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posted by ktbminnie12
Okay this is probably the last one for today!!!!

Bella’s POV

    I turned to where I heard the wonderful voice come from. I could pick that voice out anywhere. I felt my cuore start to beat rapidly at his voice. I felt tears down my face.
    He came out of the bushes with a fragola blonde and Jacob in his human form.    
    But I didn’t even pay attention to who else was around. I only looked for his face.
    I found it and held my breath in. His face was the same. But he had dark, purple circles under his eyes. His eyes were worse. They were pitch black.
    As soon as he saw me he froze. He met my gaze. As soon as I saw his eyes, I let out my breath.
    “Bella?” he asked.
         I let go of Rosalie who was holding me up. There was too much spazio between us. At least twelve feet of space. I had to enclose it. I started hobbling towards him. I only focused on his eyes.
    Of course, he beat me. He ran to me and picked me up off the ground. He lifted me in the air and spun me around.
    “Bella!!!! It’s you!!!! Oh my gosh!!! It’s really you!!!” he screamed.
    “Yes!!! It’s me. Now put me down so I won’t get sick. You’re spinning me too fast,” I chuckled.
    “Sorry,” he detto putting me down.
    “It’s okay,” I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him close.
    “I missed you,” I said.
    “I missed you, too. I was out of my wits searching for you. Bella, what happened? What did he do to you? How did te get home?” he flooded these domande at me.
    “Whoa, slow down. One domanda at a time. I’ll go ahead and answer one. I got home because Aro saved me,” I detto looking over at Aro. Aro smiled.
    “Aro? Is that true?” Edward asked turning to look at Aro.
    “Yes, it is. See, we tracked down Lorenzo because he went hunting in our city a couple of years ago. We’ll we don’t forget these things. So we tracked him down. When we arrived, we killed them. I just happened to hear someone in the basement. I went down and saw Bella. We brought her home and then young Alice and Jasper showed up,” Aro explained.
    “Thank te so much, Aro,” Edward said.
    “My pleasure,” Aro said.
    “Well, Bella, let’s get te upstairs so we can x-ray those ribs and that ankle,” Carlisle said.
    “Okay,” I said. I started hobbling towards him but Edward wouldn’t let me go.
    “Bella, what is he talking about?” Edward asked.
    “Well my ankle is broke for sure and I think my ribs are, too,” I said.
    “What?! What happened?!” Edward asked. Uh-oh. Edward was furious now.
    “Well Lorenzo stomped on my ankle about three days fa and it broke. Then before the Volturi came, he pushed me down the stairs,” I said.
    Edward’s face was freaky. If he was filled with blood, his face would be darker than Charlie’s when he’s angry. I was actually scared of him for the first time.
    I started to try to get away but he only tighten his grip on my waist.
    “Edward, calm down,” I detto reaching up and touching his face.
    He looked down at me and relaxed.
    “Where is that monster now?” he asked Aro.
    “We killed him as soon as we got there,” Aro said.
    “I really wish te wouldn’t have done that. I would have enjoyed killing him myself,” Edward said.
    “I’ll remember that successivo time,” Aro chuckled.
    “Okay, well, Bella, we need to get te upstairs. Edward, can te carry her?” Carlisle asked.
    Edward nodded. I put my arm back around his neck and he lifted me off the ground. Then he carried me upstairs to the x-ray machine.
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