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 For some, it's true...
For some, it's true...
100 Places To Go During The Summer: Cullen Style

Chapter 2: The Opera House

Emmett's POV

I am very excited!!! Jasper had the best idea!!! We're taking the girls to The Opera House! Edward didn't want to, but we forced him to. He's so weak...Ooops. He can hear my mind...

"Emmett," he growled sharply.

"Sorry, bro. No hard feelings...Right?," I detto nervously.

"Ugghrggghhh, te are sooo very intellectually infected with dementia," Edward complained.

What the hell does that even mean??? I'm confused. I've gotta remember to look up dementia online. And intellectually...He's right. I am kinda stupid. Ooops. Edward snickered at that thought...Oh well. Time to go.


Opera is boring. Wait, they're picking two people to sing a duet!!!

"Okay, let us see...How about, the giant beefy one, and the tall skinny one in the 3rd row," a foriegn lady detto in a strong accent. Wait, isn't that...Jasper and me??? YES!!! It is!!! I am scrambling up the stairs...Ouch. I fell on my butt. Vampiri#From Dracula to Buffy... and all creatures of the night in between. can trip? Wierd...Time for the duet!!! Wait, it just dawned on me...I'm Canto with JASPER??? Oh God...

Suddenly, I burst out singing: "OwwwAwwOwhhwwahhhWaaaAhhhhhWahhhh," with lots of feeling, I thought!!! Jasper goes, "AwwwwwwwOwwwwwwWahhhhhhhAhhhhAwwww," very loudly and off-key. The audience is silent for a minuto (slow humans), and suddenly, they burst out laughing!!! Ugghhhh. I'm leaving. Rose and everyone else follow me out. Oh well, maybe I'llout live it. Someday...
 This is Edward and Renesmee...So cute!!!
This is Edward and Renesmee...So cute!!!
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the audio is kinda bad quality, just to let te know. But, I really liked this interview for some reason.
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