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posted by surfergal
I had had enough staring of into spazio wondering what Nathen looked like o slid he was going to be okay. Everythig was running through my mind so fast and so intence I was getting a headache. I walked upstairs and into Carlisle office.
Carlisle can I please see Nathen? I ask.
Addi, are te sure? He ask.
I'm sure I can't stop thinking about what he looks like and if if he is going to be alright. I told him.
Okay come this way. Carlisle said.
We walked out of the office and into the big long hallway. Emmet was beside me I guessed that Carlisle wanted him up here for my support. Carlisle open the doer and I saw Nathen lying there on a tavolo still in his lupo form. I went over to his head and ask Carlisle if it was okay to touch his head and he detto yes. I stroke his head just like he did mine every morning when I woke up.
I'm sorry Nathen. This is my fault I knew I should have told te not to leave me. I'm sorry. I detto to him.
I layed my fore head ontop of his and gently cried. I didn't like seeing him like this. He was hooked up to everything te could think of a hospital having. I turned around to see Emmet pulling on my shoulders to tell me that I needed to leave.
I Amore te Nathen. I detto into his ear.
Emmet gently picked me up and took me down stairs and sat me on the divano successivo to him. I just layed my head on his shoulder and cried. The tears were just coming I had never cried this much before. I was out of it when Edward, Seth,Emmet along with Sam ran upstairs. I didn't know what was happening so I tried to follow but Alice and Rosalie kept me from going up to him.
Left me go see him please. I beg.
Sorry Addi. Alice said.
I tried to struggle away from them but it was useless. I just colasped in the floor and Alice moved me from the floor to the couch. I just layed there.
Alice, what's happening? Is he okay? I ask worriedly.
He is fine. He is awake but they're having difficult time trying to get him to calm down. He thinks he is still fighting. She told me.
Oh. Was all I said.
I sat up slowly and then I. One quick swiftotion I pelliccia we around jumped over the divano and after for the stairs. I managed to get all the way up them and open the door to Nathen's room. I saw him standing there in his human form. He had on pants.
Nathen! I detto running to him and giving him a hug gently.
He pushed me off of him and said. Who are you?
te don't remember me? I ask.
Should I? te look horrible, te need sleep. He told me
I stared crying again. This time I turned around and headed for the stairs when Nathen was right behind me.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you. He said.
It's not that trust me. te don't remember me at all. I said.
I held my hand up that had my engagement ring and wedding band on it.
Oh. I'm married to you? He detto confused.
Yeah. I detto looking down. I have to go.
Before he could say anything I ran down the stairs and out the door. I didn't know where to go so I came back through the door and went into the living room where te couldn't see me. I didn't think he would forget me.
Emmet. I heard nathen yell.
He remembers everyone but me. I detto crying hard again.
It's okay he will remember you. Rosalie said.
I was stunned that she detto anythng to me. I got the feelg that sometime she didn't like me. I was looking down at my hands now.
I know what he felt like now when I couldn't remember him a few months ago. I told Alice and Rose.
It's going to be hard but te will getthrough it. Alice said.
Thanks but isy old bedroom still have everything in there? I ask.
Why of course it does sweaty. Esme told me.
I think I need some sleep. I said.
I walked up stairs and into my old bedroom. I unticked the letto and got in it and feel asleep so fast.
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posted by stepphy-rox
I'm so sorry for not Scrivere quicker I had some trouble with this chapter although i hope te enjoy it and PLZ Rate, comment, and enjoy
XD Luv stepphy

Chapter 3: When everything turns upside down!!!
When I woke up my vision was a little blurry, but after I blinked a couple of times my view came back in focus.
"Hey honey, how are te feeling" his sweet voice rang through my ears. I winced - a normal reaction - as he caressed my arm.
"Alright what happened?"
"We don't know....we were hoping te would remember" he pleaded.
I wasn't sure if I wanted to tell him the truth. I was afraid he would be angry...
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posted by genyva
ok well i have this typed out on the tavolo of contents as chapter 7 but it 6 so yeh enjoy

6. No-Where To Run
Renesmee’s point of view
I cant deal any più she’s driving me crazy they are all driving me crazy .I hope this will all end soon I don't want to be her any più I need something new to do. No più lying around moping.
Well I'm not really moping I'm just so bored and lifeless. Maybe I can go out of town. Well, so they don't get upset, I’ll take Claire. Just stay out for a couple of nights in the city. I Amore Seattle. Its so much fun maybe I can go on a little shopping spree get...
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posted by kladida_22
Sorry guys i know its been a while but i got really backed up with homework and proyects that i had to do soo here's the new one and chapter .5 is almost done. Thanks!!

Chapter 4. – Surprise Party

Jacob´s POV:

I was suddenly surprised to see I think everyone in La Push there in my small living room greeting me with a big “SURPRISE!” like a quire Canto at the same pase. I turned to Leah to try and understand what was going on but she was no long at my side , I now felt awkwardly uncomfortable with her here successivo to me I never thought in a million years I would need her this much like now....
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