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posted by She_wolf
hope te enjoy, but this chapter is a bit weird :L

Chapter Ten

That was when I noticed I was laying on my back, half naked and with a girl 3 years older than me laying on superiore, in alto of me, with her leg passionately thrown over my side and her chest dangerously close to my face.
I carefully sat up, positioning her on my lap. I turned to face Jared.
I blushed deeply, but still managed to sound fierce “She’s my girlfriend Jared. “I stuttered. I hated that word. “I think it’s legal for someone to baciare their girlfriend. And anyway she’s not your girlfriend, o even your friend, so why are te telling me what to do?” I scowled, edging my body round to shield Sam. She felt so small, and breakable in my arms. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that Sam was looking at me, smiling happily. The she also turned to look at Jared, her face set.
“Embry I don’t need te to protect me.” She got up; I mirrored her, but took a step back. “Jared.” Her voice was sharp “This is my life now. te made your decision when te left me for Sam Uley, te can’t control me.” Her voice was icy, she stepped back to unisciti me, throwing her arms around my neck and baciare me gently on the cheek for just a second. It was enough for Jared’s whole body to start quivering violently. He gritted his teeth and shoved his shaking hands deep into his pockets, his eyes all the time focused on the muddy ground. Why was he reacting so badly to all of this? He was allowed to have a girlfriend, but if I got too close to a girl he was outraged!
Now I was the one gritting my teeth, but it was fairly easy to control my temper now. Sam grinning from ear to ear let her arms drop from my neck.
“C’mon Embry lets go!” Sam hissed, she would’ve made such a good wolf, I could almost imagine her baring her teeth and snarling. Maybe even bursting out of her clothes, but I didn’t get as far as imagining her turning into a massive werewolf.
Jared’s head slowly lifted, his face was emotionless but his eyes… they scared me! They were burning, with such intense pain, I could understand how he felt, but it was freaky to see what it would look like. I instinctively put my hand out to shield Sam.
“Get away from her Embry.” He detto slowly, calmly. “I’m warning you. Get away from her now. And stay away.” His eyes bored into mine. I tensed every muscle in my body, ready for his attack. He waited.
“Let’s go Embry!” Sam detto sounding completely bored da the situation. I turned my head to face her. Her eyes weren’t looking at me. They were searching Jared’s face, expectantly. Then her eyes dropped and she detto quietly “Goodbye Jared.”
Jared made a choking sound, and as Sam looked up, I saw that one perfect, dewy tear was rolling slowly down her left cheek. Her beautiful eyes weren’t red and puffy; they were coated with a misty greyness, like thin clouds covering the sun. She looked even più wonderful than ever.
A snarl erupted from Jared’s chest, a snarl of pain, and I heard his hurried footfalls as he ran off to phase and the ripping sound of his clothes when he got out of sight. But I couldn’t look, Sam’s face engulfed me, my body was drowning in her beauty. I vaguely remembered what Sam had been like, years ago, before her best friend Christy had died, when she fell of a cliff on holiday in Australia, and then when the only person who’d stood da her threw her pain and sadness, had left her without a reason. Jared. Before all that she’d had shoulder length platinum blonde hair in ringlets, and always seemed warm and sunny if a little reserved. And now it was if she’d flipped completely, like she was back to front o upside down.
“I’ll be there for you.” I detto burring my head into her hair. I knew a corny phrase like ‘it’ll be alright’ wouldn’t work. Because things for people like me and Sam never were right, once they started to go wrong.
I felt her arms tighten around my waist. She sniffed quietly, resting her head against my chest. She was so cold.
“I’m a mess.” She sniffed. Her voice reminded me of the old Sam’s voice, gentler. Just for a secondo her mask slipped, the mask she always wore to disguise her true feelings. “Embry I …” She began. I pulled away from our embrace to look into her eyes. They darted up to my face. “Embry.” She repeated. “I lo…” her eyes darted away from my face. “Oh crap!” She jumped backwards away from me. My little piece of heaven was shattered in front of my eyes.
She smiled at my dark expression, “Sorry I’ve got community service.” She rolled her eyes “It seems that people don’t like te spray painting letters onto the side of the science block.” She grimaced.
I laughed hollowly. “What have te got against the science block?” I called to her as she jogged away. Then I too headed home.
I stowed my bike in the box auto, garage in our backyard, before finding that the front door was wide open. I’d seen this scenario too many times, Mom completely stoned, snoring peacefully on the couch, after throwing up in the hall and destroying something she would regret later, and me, left to pick up the pieces. That was if I was lucky, sometimes she’d still be awake...
I took a deep breath before stepping inside. The house was still and silent, lit only da the sinking sun, like it was Frozen in time. I assessed the damage. It was worse than I’d thought, o ever seen before. Pictures lay, out of their frames, on the floor, trash cans turned upside down, their contents spilling out. I picked my way threw the carnage, to the living room. Mom lay on the mohair rug surrounded da our mail, dating back to before I was born, each carefully preserved Natale card to the power bills -that mom had so carefully kept in the bureau, which was now tipped over on its side- were crumpled and in some cases ripped into confetti. Mom lay perfectly still among all of this, her arms tightly bound around her torso, tears trickling down her face like two salt-water streams, and sobs pulsing around her lips, trying to escape from them. Why was everything in my life filled with sadness? For once I wanted a happy ending, everyone else had one.
I put my arm around Mom, raising her to a sitting position. She was ice cold, and her head was throbbing so hard I could feel it threw my shoulder.
“Oh Embry!” she squeaked, sounding hopeless and alone.

Wht did u think? My fave bit is the 'dewy tear' bit =] Amore she_wolf x
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