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Okay, Here's all 8 of my chapters + my two Amore stories.

I've decided to make all my Twilight story chapters into a book like thing, So that's why i put them all together in this, I'm naming it "Breaking Twilight."
i was also thinking "Breaking Eclipse"
but I'm still thinking, but yeah.
I'm glad everyone likes my story! x]
theres più coming!
-Yuki <3

Chapter One: The Game.

It was
Saturday evening, I was sitting on one of the couches in my new family’s house,
I was waiting for Edward to come back with Renesmee o as everyone else liked to call
her “Nessie” which I was getting used to da know....
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Sorry te guys! I'm overwelming te guys aren't I? I'm trying to post as many of these as I can. I'm already done with the series and is planning to write the sequel. So I kind of need to post as many as I can. It'll be confusing to put new and old story up at the same time! ^_^

Bella's POV

It has been passed 2 hours since Edward left. Sigh. To try not to make this harder than it needs to be. I mostly minded my own business. But if Aro o Royce come, I follow their lead. But I hated to do it. When I look myself in the mirror. I really looked like a vampire. I got my Blood-red eyes back for...
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posted by genyva
4.    I Hate This Part

Knowing that I will see Jacob tomorrow really didn’t help my lack of sleep but Claire did. She was warm like Jake I fell asleep for longer then I imagined. When I woke up Claire was already downstairs dressed and ready for school she and Alice were eating breakfast –well Alice wasn’t – I saw that Alice made me so eggs.
“Hurry and eat so te can go see what the studio looks like we just have to install some wires then were done ”Alice danced around me and made me a plate “where is Jake meeting you? Oh and I have some pants in that bag I...
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I can’t believe this is Monday already, time to go to school and act human, with all those people “Humans”
“Nessi are te ready honey” my aunt Alice yelled.
“Yes I’m on my way” I graph my backpack and I started walking to the door.
“Rennesme sweetheart can we talk for a minute” my mom asked me
“Sure mom”
“Well honey tell me what’s going on? I see te that te are very sad”
“Mom I feel so bad, I can’t understand what’s going on, I fell so badly with JACOB, I told very horrible stuff and now I need him, he was my best friend and my big brother. He was there for...
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posted by Cotay11
So, as Twilight fan we all have one thing maybe più but the movie was AWSOME and the book was AWESOME. My Friends have no taste in Film o libri those Twilight stuff I can't stay away from. I read Twilight 5 times I didn't start new moon wet. The movie Edward was hoooooooooottttttt, but Emmet was very very hot U can bake biscotti, cookie on him ( I would eat those cookies)So would te eat those cookies.
YOu know what my friend Adriana I got her this awesome Chritmas preasent it is a Twilight shrit that I got a the Willowbrick Mall (Also Adriana is obsesed with Twlight)
Other lives, always tempted to trade
Will they hate me for all the choices I made
Will they stop when they see me again
I can’t stop now I know who I am

Now I’m all yours, I’m not afraid
And you’re all mine, say what they may
And all your Amore I’ll take to the grave
And all my life starts now

Tear me down, they can’t take te out of my thoughts
Under every scar there’s a battle I’ve lost
Will they stop when they see us again
I can’t stop now I know who I am

Now I’m all yours, I’m not afraid
And you’re all mine, say what they may
And all your Amore I’ll take to the grave
And all my life starts

I’m all yours, I’m not afraid
And you’re all mine, say what they may
And all your Amore I’ll take to the grave
And all my life starts
Starts now
posted by cajas
chapter 16. PARIS
How disorienting. I'd been sure I was sinking.
The current wouldn't let up. It was slamming me against più rocks; they beat against the center of my back sharply, rhythmically, pushing the water from my lungs. It gushed out in amazing volume, absolute torrents pouring from my mouth and nose. The salt burned and my lungs burned and my throat was too full of water to catch a breath and the rocks were hurting my back. Somehow I stayed in one place, though the waves still heaved around me. I couldn't see anything but water everywhere,...
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posted by brooki
I'm gonna do this one like I did the other, in two parts: non-quotes and book quotes. Since this one is for New Moon, the lista may be a little longer (there are più sad Citazioni than I know what to do with). But of course there will be some happy ones too (when Edward comes back). So here we go!

Part 1
1. Amore is as much of an object as an obsession, everybody wants it, everybody seeks it, but few ever achieve it, those who do will cherish it, be Lost in it, and among all, never... never forget it. (Bella will always think of the time with Edward as the greatest)

2. Don't let someone become your...
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posted by bella01

i am still pinned at the ground da emmett.i don't know what's going to happen.i can't do anything except to look at bella who is being stalk da darius like a prey.

"don't worry bella i will not kill te because i need te to be alive if i want te to be my mate"darius said

a growl escaped my lips.bella turned her face towards me then to carlisle,esme,alice,jasper and rosalie.

"bella keep your attention to me"darius said.then bella looked at him again.

then in a flash darius lunched himself towards bella,making bella fly for about 40 miles and then she crashed to a tree.4 of her ribs broke...
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posted by Bella_Swan3

Edward was playing my lullaby on the piano, when he suddenly froze, and told me, calmly, that Alice was planning a shopping trip. Immediately. Including me. Whether I liked it o not.

Rosalie heard this, and she was obviously on Alice's side, because in the split-second I had to think, she yelled, "Get her!"

And I ran. I leaped over the river, and realised Alice was tailing me, too.

I was breezng through the forest, when it hit me. Literally.

Without my knowledge, Rosalie had made a loop, and I had been so preoccupied with my main threat, namely, Alice, that I barely had time to register...
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 One of the pictures of the mother's child....
One of the pictures of the mother's child....
I recently found these pictures in the Renesmee Carlie Cullen fanclub.

A mother was mostrare us pictures of her little girl, saying she thought her daughter would make a great Renesmee. And quite frankly, I agree with her :)

I admit, I don't know a lot about her daughter's recitazione skills. I plan on asking her when I send her a message. But I think her looks go well with Renesmee's; the curly strangely bronze hair, the Cioccolato brown eyes, and being so beautiful!

Well, basically, this article's purpose is to ask all of te if this mother should definitely take her daughter to audition for the role...
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Sorry this took so long. My room was messy and I couldn't find my Eclipse book. But I found it yesterday. Ok, enough excuses, here's the successivo chapter. ^_^

Bella stared at me with disbelief. I ignored her. I'm trying my best to please her father. There was already enough tension for all of us. I wasn't surprised when it worked.
"Fine." he mumbled and moved towards the living room.

I'm not even sure I should let Bella go out with him again. But how can I fight with that? UGH!

When the TV was on, Bella started to talk.
"Hold on, I think te can reycle te essays for this one. Same questions."...
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posted by emmaliecullen18
Chapter 1

Rose POV.

The story is set after two years of emmett's transformation.

i don't own emmett,rosalie,edward...or anyone else...Stephanie Meyer does :'( ....(waaaawaaaaa)

I knew it...that sick creature had some1 behind him. Royce was not the one who was after my life,it was all planned,those flowers,messages,kisses, OH that fake stupid Amore .He was not man enough to do that to me. He had done it for something and for someone . I was waiting for edward to come up because i knew he must have read my mind .After my transformation he was the one whom i had leaned on but in a bro -sis way,unlike...
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Okay... maybe I was going completely phscyo- loving, crap over Renesssme....... anyway, I found a true human girl...{okay I truly do know if she is a werewolf monster like me.. except I wouldnt call her a monster, perhaps a beautiful transforming warewolf babe..]as I would think she was.. I haven't knowned alot about her completely like everything... but a little chunk of information about her, like: she loves it when I tickle her back, she loves the tribal Cibo that the pack and I make her...] stuff like that makes her go all up on me[kissing and all that.. well, te get what I'm trying to say} I find it very awsome when she does... she likes it when I let her sit on my lap, and drive my volkeswagon rabbit around the old dirt road. We've been a couple for over almost a year....
posted by groovychicklisa
Hello my lovleys!

Erm okay,some of te fanpop users may be aware of the fact that i had been writting a fanfic called Lost Amore and a few months fa i stopped due to writters block however im back! (cue the applause! Lol) Just curious if i should continue to write this for my fan if i have any *hopes i do*

Here is a little taster from a chapter that is already on here - The first one give it a try and if te like it let me know wheter te want me to continue

Chapter 1
Cuddled up in my letto I remember the better days when Edward and I could tell each other everything. But how could I tell him...
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posted by DarkStranger
Summary: Cullen leaves three days to hunt. da the way to Forks moved new guy – Stefan, who all this time supports the association to Bella. What happens when Edward comes back? And why Bella starts alienating Jacob?

First Chapter – Izabella

Three days without Cullen’s. Charlie pressingly demanded, as Cullen had to be hunted, they kindly agreed. Only I saw what the pain experienced Edward leaving me alone. Also I couldn’t see Jacob, he was angry on me.
I Slowly drive to school. The sun shone brightly from the clouds, rarity to Forks. I Breath in summer air ,looked into the blue sky and...
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Seth's POV
Chapter 1

So I'm running's been rather boring since the Volturi came lepre 3 months ago. Not that I liked the idea of a bunch of creepy Vampiri#From Dracula to Buffy... and all creatures of the night in between. visiting,,that too to kill Nessie, not to forget the rest of us who tried to defend her.There's no to Jake's happiness, now that we know that Nessie is gonna stop growing in 6 years and a half..or so.
She looks like a beautiful 4 anno old even though she's just 7 months old.
My sis still has some problems but she's improving. Mom and Charlie have been close but she denies everything that we ask about their relationship. Mom...
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posted by moolah
And I Care Why?
By: moolah
Chapter Four
(Edward and Bella’s P.O.V’s included)
(Normal Pairings…ALL HUMAN!)
Hey, moolah here! Read the ending where I have the Authors note. I have a surprise for you, to get involved with the chapters decoration. Have a great day!!

Bella’s P.O.V:
    I screamed, loudly. “What’s your problem?” I yelled at Alice. “You hate me?” I tried to shut the door, but Edward had his hand, holding it open. “Bella.” He tried. I wouldn’t let him. He was not doing it again. I was crying now, but angry tears. “What?” I yelled. No...
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One anno Later….

“Kayla! Sit down before te hurt yourself!”
“Well te grab her then before she hurts herself!”
Edward’s quick hands shot out and picked up the running toddler that was wreaking havoc in our living room. He then gently guided me back to the leather sofa where I eased myself onto the sede, sedile slowly.
“You should know better,” he chastised me.
I rolled my eyes and folded my arms, letting them rest on the bump in front of me. He sat successivo to me, holding our squirming daughter in his strong arms.
“Where are the others?” I asked him. “They should be...
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Twas the Night Before Natale Twilight Style
By Twilight_News

(Fiona from the Danger Magnet site sent this over. Her friend Gracie wrote it.)

‘Twas the night before Natale in the house of Cullen,
All were quite busy, no one was sullen.
Emmet downed a pine with just one blow,
Which Alice had decorated so grand, don’t te know!
Only one calza, maglia rasata was hung up tonight,
For a child named Renesmee, who squealed with delight!
For this celebration was made for one cause;
The arrival of none other than Santa Claus.

Back at the cottage, with paper and bows, Bella wrapped presents for Nessie…with Rose....
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