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Okay so here is my secondo part, if te haven't read my first part don't freak and have to cerca though this whole club, the link is right here: link. Yes this is twilight in Edwards pov, all the explaining is in the first part. No copyright intended, just free writing, and all that good stuff. Enjoy my secondo part. Please critique,I am all ears.

        I smiled knowing at how I was right. I saw in the window of there lower floor the light was dim. I wondered what she would look like, as I remembered how she looked in the restaurant. Her skin cream and roses. So beautiful, so breathtaking,...
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.:Story Start:.
"How do I says this..., Aro thought for a minute,"Your a dad."
His eyes went wide and looked at me.I stared back there depths emotionless.Then anger flashed though them and in a secondo I was held up against the wall.Alec looking at me dangerous.Jane growled, deeply, screaming,
"WHAT THE H**L ARE te DOING!YOUR GOING TO KILL HER!!", as if to help her out I gasped for air, not able to get any, tears falling from my eyes staring at his.
"You dirty tramp!", Alec screamed at me.Jane was shocked now, along with everyone else.
"Who's is it!?", Alec said, letting go of my neck, all my senses...
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While Twilight has many fans, that doesn't mean it's immune to haters.It seems that everywhere te go online, there is something Anti-Twilight.Even da just going to a homepage te usually see something negitive.Like, te can't like o enjoy something without all of these hating things.

People refer to Twilight as being gay.Which I believe is completely immature.Do they know what gay means?It either means happy o attracted to the same sex, how does that fit into Twilight?I don't really find it "happy", and there are no gays o lesbiche in it.People also rant on the sparkling.And calling them...
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posted by Renesmee_XD
 Bella cigno
Bella Swan
Credit goes to Vampiri#From Dracula to Buffy... and all creatures of the night in between. Revenge for helping :)

We have all been sick to the death of Team Edward o Team Jacob,the endless rants but their bodies and looks. There has never been an actual proper "argument" to why each is better than the other.So let's leave at that. Now it's time for Bella vs Tanya so here is a dibattito on which one is better. Would Amore responses.:)


Tanya is your average blond, perfect vampire.

It has been detto that she should be Edward's soul-mate for they are the same being. (Vamp&Vamp)
She can understand if Edward needs to go hunting and will defintely not have nightmares...
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Canada: June 30 2010
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Spain: June 30 2010
Switzerland, French:...
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posted by sh0rtiinedward
tell me if yall like it o no the way i can know what can i improve thankx!

Rennesme and i went inside home were everyone was at and for our surprise everyone was at the living room just waiting for us!!!

"Happy birthday" Nessi. they all yelled
Rennesme was too happy, she was very exited
- Thank te guys. she detto with tears in her eyes
- te deserved this and more. Esme told her
- Thanks grandma! so now am 16 officially very soon i will stop aging and finally i will go to school

- Well it's time for presents! Alice announce
- yeah i Amore presents, lets open them
- te should open mine first. Alice...
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