Vikings (serie tv) Want to prepare for season 5, can I capture season 4 from amazon and save on my laptop?

_Mountain_Dew_ posted on Jan 24, 2017 at 12:41PM
Hello everyone :)
Finally the long waiting is over, Vikings season 5 will be out at february :) :) It was like a christmas gift hearing that :D
Are you guys excited?? Omg finally this amazing series will go on, more of Ragnar!!!! I can't wait anymore :D I'm so excited what will happen with Bjorn, will he be as great as his father???!!! And also Ragnar cause this was a bad ass ending of season 4!
So it seems like a lifetime ago that I watched season 4 and I'm always like okay I need to know exactly what happend to go on and watch the next season! someone else doing this? Of course only with reaaaally good series :D
So I thought about downloading season 4 from amazon and save it on my laptop so I can watch it offline. I moved in with my parents again and they have so bad internet connection I can't watch an episode without buffering for 2 h so I always stay at college and watch a episode there before driving home. Beginning from next week I have a semester break and won't be going to college for at least two months I was wondering if I can also download the latest season from amazon? I know there is this offline function but it only last for 2-3 days and this isn't enough :( :(
I hope someone can help me with this :) This would be so great!

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più di un anno fa teddywally said…
ooooh I didn't know until now that a new season is coming up! What great news (and it's really like a late Christmas gift!). I'm starting to rewatch every Episode tonight! So don't worry, you are not the only addict here :D Can't wait to see what will happen to Ragnar! He is just so badass, everything could happen, he is a true legend! And I must admit I hate Bjorn, he is just an asshole, I don't know, going behind the back of his father.. I more courious about Lagertha.. I think she is so damn hot :D beautiful woman fighting in battles.... if you know what I mean ;) And about your Amazon thing: I'm not so sure about the offline function, I've never tried that. But there are also other ways to capture movies and series. Have you considerd a screen recording Software?
più di un anno fa _Mountain_Dew_ said…
hahaha you are so right with lagertha, she is really the woman of my dreams!! And I'm happy that I could make you a late Christmas gift with that info ;) Really I can't wait for Season 5 to finally start!!!
And thanks for your advice, actually I have already tried a free screen capturing software, but this was just a fail :D The quality was like s*** and sound and video were shifted so you couldn't watch it without getting aggressions :D Can you recommend something?
più di un anno fa teddywally said…
Oh man that doesn't sound good :D haha, yes I'm using moviebox software, but it's not for free. I' ve never tried freeware for screen capturing. But I really recomend this software, it works so fine and it's really easy to use. You can just do something else on your computer while it's recording in the background. You can get all information on their website link
Hope this is something for you, like I already said it works really good and is totally reliable,