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1. Melena's Amore interest and Elphaba's heritage.
In the book, Melena says she may have been raped da a munchin, possibly causing her to conceive Elphaba. In the musical however, it is revealed that Melena had an affair with the wizard of Oz, who was Elphaba's father. in the book, the wizard of oz has absolutely nothing to do with Melena.

2. Frex's occupation.
Frex's job is that of a preacher/missionary in the novel, while in the musical he is a governor.

3. Shell.
In the book, Elphaba is one of three children, and has a younger brother named Shell. In the production,...
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When the word "Wicked" comes to mind, you'll probably think of Elphaba, who's compelling story of rejection da society overshadows (and rightly so) many other characters.
Failing that, your mind would most likely drift to the lovable airhead that is Glinda Upland, and her famously careless quips.
You might think of Fyiero, o Boq, perhaps even Madame Morrible.

But the character which will always have a special place in my heart, is- surprisingly-
Nessarose Thropp.

Created mainly to serve as a tool for Elphaba's developement, and to fill the "who's the wicked witch of the east?" hole in L.Frank...
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Willemijn Verkaik(Elphaba), Lucy Scherer(Glinda)and the german cast of the musical "Wicked" are performing "Nur ein Tag" (One short day).
one short giorno
nur ein tag
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