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Episode 1: Pilot

Will: "There you go Cinderella."

Emma: "Wanna go halfsies on a PB and J?"
Will: "That sounds perfect."

Emma: "Need help grading those papers?"

Will: "Accounting is sexy." ·

Will: "I'll miss you."

Episode 2: Showmance ·

Will: "There. Ten Seconds."
Emma: "New record."

Episode 3: Acafellas ·

Emma: "There's nothing sexier in a man than confidence, you know?"

Episode 5: Rhodes not Taken ·

Will: "Can you keep a secret?"

Episode 6: Vitamin D ·

Sue (About Will & Emma): “Let me be frank, your husband is hiding his kielbasa in a hickory farms gift basket that doesn’t belong to you.” Terri: “What? With who?”
Sue: “Guidance Counselor. Really floozy and a man eater (Lol!) . Wears creepy brooches like the kind my nana was buried in.”
Terri: “Are you sure about this?”
Sue: “A woman always knows. Let me put it to you this way, if it’s not a full blown affair it’s certainly heading in that direction. You need a machete to cut though the haze of lust that surrounds them.”
Terri: “Now you’re absolutely sure about this, I mean, you have proof?”
Sue: “Get into that school and sniff out the sex pheromones for yourself.” ·

Emma: "You've got a little mustard in your cute Kirk Douglas chin dimple." ·

Emma:"Terri, Will is a good man. He's kind, and he's generous... and he deserves a lot better than you." ·

Emma: "Can think of any other options I might have?
Will: "Is that a reason a reason to marry someone?"
Emma: "That's not what I'm asking."

Episode 8: Mash Up ·

Emma: "Sunglasses are so sexy.'' ·

Will: “I have never intentionally encouraged Emma, but I haven’t discouraged her either.

Episode 10: Ballad ·

Emma: "You can’t blame her, Will. I mean if we were going to rank crushworthy teachers at this school you would be number one with a bullet."

Will (singing totally directed at Emma): “Temptation, frustration, so bad it makes him cry.”

Episode 12: Mattress

· Will: "I think Ken scheduled the wedding on the same day on purpose. We both know how he feels about our...relationship." ·

Emma: “You should give yourself a break Will, divorce is a really big thing.”
Will: “Who said anything about divorce?”
Emma: “I’m so sorry, I just assumed-”
Will: “Is that what you would do?”
Emma: “Well, when I first heard what Terri had done, oh gosh you know I thought there should be some sort of law. But then I thought about what I would've done if I felt you slipping away,"
Will: "You would never be that cruel."
Emma: "No her methods were wrong, but I totally understand her intentions..You're a lot to lose Will."

Episode 13: Sectionals · Will: "Wh-Where's Ken?"

Emma: "At home I'd imagine. Probably trying to regain some of the pride that I stole from him. He dumped me. He said moving the wedding for sectionals was the last straw."
Will: "But I thought he understood that you were doing it for the kids."

Emma: "He understood that...I wasn't doing it for the kids....I was doing it for you."
Will: "Emma...I'm so sorry..."
Emma: "Oh gosh no! It's not your fault. I really screwed up. He was right I was settling for him. Really one blink from you Will and I would've been out the door. So I... I e-mailed my resignation to Figgins. My last day is Monday...I just can't--I just can't be at that school. I can't see Ken without feeling ashamed and I can't see you without feeling heartbroken!"
Will: "I just left my wife..."
Emma: "I'm sorry. I-I'm going.*sniffle*"
Will: "But I just-"
Emma: "Just left your wife. Exactly. You just did."
Will: "You make a beautiful bride."
Emma: "Thank you."

Upcoming Episodes ·

Will: "There are so many things you don't know about me… and I can't wait to introduce them all to you." ·

Emma: "it’s sorta weird for me. Making out in a place you used to share with her. You know… where you made a fake baby in"


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 Episode 1: Pilot Will: "There te go Cinderella." Emma: "Wanna go halfsies on a PB and J?

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