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Years have passed since the fighting had occurred. The Capital has fallen. Faith in The Ancient Ones is fading. Edrain is a country lost to the monsters. Those that could escape, left to the bordering countries, taking the plague with them. And with the plague, a new rise of monsters. New abominations that would attack the people. And amongst the remains of the kingdom of Edrain, the Servants now overtake the land, and attack the few that were too stubborn to leave or had nowhere else to go. Within those years, technological advancements were made. More powerful guns were created, and even automobiles were starting to be created, but the beliefs of the old, though not as great as before, remained. But with the word of this new God appearing in the people's ears, the Ancient Ones ideas slowly began to die out, with only few loyal subjects. And the threat of a new evil had brought itself upon the world. What will you do in this new age?

Classes - Hunters come in many different classes, each with different pros and cons

Mercenary - Better with larger blades and has stronger defense. Not as respected by townsfolk

Soldier - Best with firearms. Not very fast or agile

Traveller - Easier to get discounts in shops and can earn better. Not the best fighter

Thief - More stealthy than others, much faster and quicker dodges. Low defense

Bandit - powerful attacks and can wield heavy weapons. The slowest Hunter. Hated by townsfolk

Hunter - Can climb better and is better at using firearms. Has low defense

Alchemist - Can heal himself and is more powerful against magic. Terrible with weapons

Psychopath - Casts long lasting fire damage and can take more damage. Weak with weapons

Priest - Heals others within a group and is better at shielding himself. Does not fight at all


Crusader - Has the fighting capabilities of a soldier and the miracles of a priest. Their behavior makes them ignored by some cities, while magic users outright despise them and their poor use of priest magic

Knights - Slow, heavy, impossible to dodge. Best sword fighters and has high respect from the people

Pirates - Has quick access to travelling the seas. Capable of sword and gun combat. Always hunted by enforcers of order

Ninjas - Stealthy, good with swords and projectile weapons, highly likely to lose if outnumbered

Fighters - Refuse to use weapons of any kind. Capable of fighting and even killing with their bare fists. Highly respected by any fighter. Not respected by priests or alchemists

Do not kill anyone’s character without permission
Do not create overpowered and flawless characters
Do not make problems vanish with the snap of a finger
Do not steal other characters ideas
If you have an idea, feel free to ask
Have fun
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più di un anno fa -Universe_COLA- said…
The group sped further into the depths of the land of the cursed, fending off the wraiths that attacked them. At first it had started to become a struggle, the nonstop attacks of the creatures paired with their numbers along with the basic tactical capabilities that they seemed to have giving them an edge of ferocity. But soon, they started to be beaten back until they retreated, the lot of them coming to a stop before turning tail and running in the opposite direction.

"W-we did it? We did it!" Carlyle let out a sigh of relief, seeing the wraiths dashing back in the other direction.

And soon, so would the Stalker.

Oasis squinted some, seeing a bunch of fleshy oversized termite looking creatures scurrying in their direction, but running passed them. Wait a minute...
"They're running away from something..." She murmured.

Carlyle's ears perked at this, and suddenly the sky dimmed. However, she quickly came to realize that the sky didn't just become dim...but something was blocking the light. She looked up to see something enormous dropping down towards them. Her eyes widened, and she let out a yelp when the horse jerked to the left just in time for the enormous bony fingered hand to crunch down into the surface of the ground.

Eros had moved the horse that Rose and Oasis had out of the way when she sensed the incoming danger. "Oh great! There's like fifty of those damn things!"

Oasis stared up, and up, and up, seeing the massive creature towering over them. It moved it's long arms sluggishly one at a time, and Eros had barely been exaggerating about the number of them their were.

(Greater Wraiths)

 The group sped further into the depths of the land of the cursed, fending off the wraiths that attack
Windwakerguy430 commented…
Fuck that. The Stalker would not run away. It's a proud eldritch abomination più di un anno fa
-Universe_COLA- commented…
XD Whelp, it just ran into an even prouder eldritch abomination, so it can fuck right off più di un anno fa
Windwakerguy430 commented…
It's as much of a kaiju as the Cloverfield monster più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary only needed to take one look at the creature before she pushed her horse further forward, calling out to the others* Well what plan do we have to deal with those damn things?
più di un anno fa -Universe_COLA- said…
"We can maneuver around them." Wulf said, moving from under another wide shadow to avoid being crushed. "They no seem to bother us now. We go rendezvous. No longer any need for fight." Or for now, he hoped.

Oasis murmured something that could only be understand as slurred letters and mumbles, letting out a groan of agitation at the pain in her lower back.

Carlyle looked up at the larger counterparts of the wraiths fearfully, taking a precaution to keep one of her swords out...though, she wasn't too sure of how a mere sword such as her own would effect creatures of their size. They didn't seem to be even aware of the groups presence there, so she guessed that that was as lucky as they were going to get.
più di un anno fa Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary nodded before she returned her attention to Oasis, before she whispered to her* Don't worry, O. We'll get there soon, I promise. Just hang in there a little longer

*It was only a few hours after Enricho had left, leaving Ossiana and Oriocho in their home. As Ossiana was caring for the child, there was a knock at the door*
-Universe_COLA- commented…
Too bad she's not home XD più di un anno fa
-Universe_COLA- commented…
I desire many things Wind. I don't think that that is one of them XD più di un anno fa
Windwakerguy430 commented…
Bullshit. We all want this. I also want SkullCrackers back, but that........ may happen più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa -Universe_COLA- said…
Oasis did what she could to give a nod to Rosemary, the mixed sensations of agony causing her mind to flicker in and out of consciousness.

Wulf was the one to once again lead them on a path aimed towards safety, the best interests of only Oasis in mind. Not only that, but he still had another hand of cards up his sleeves in case the situation got thick enough again for him to have to use it.

And watching them from a distance was someone not only hidden from sight, but their presence was hidden from the creatures that lurked within Edrain. Pale eyes watched them go on their way, just as they had watched them with the Crusaders, and again with the Scavengers.
più di un anno fa Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary continued to ride behind Wulf, hoping that they would make it to their destination soon*

*The knocking continued on the door, still waiting for an answer. A voice followed behind the door, making it clear that the voice was that of a male* It's a delivery for the Morgans. Though I guess that joke is rather tasteless
più di un anno fa -Universe_COLA- said…
Wulf led them under and around the greater sized wraiths, making it all of his business to avoid having to confront the wraiths or run into any of their smaller varieties. It took them some time to get away from the area that they were in, but once they finally did that, he slowed down and let Rosemary take the lead while they were in a pseudo safe area where only the smaller critters of Edrain lurked.

By this time, Oasis's breathing had seemed to have slowed down with almost a minute and a half between each breath. Her skin was hot and even looked as if it had started tanning a little.
più di un anno fa Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary looked down at Oasis as she started to move faster, before she spoke to Carlyle* Carlyle, do you have any way to help her out? Anything will do to stop the pain for at least a little while longer

*The knocking continued, a heavy sigh clearly heard from the man*
più di un anno fa -Universe_COLA- said…
Carlyle shrunk down some when Rosemary questioned her, her ears lowering some. Especially sense she could almost feel the worry that Rosemary felt for Oasis. " I said before, I don't know how to use my magic in that way..." But then her ears perked when she remembered something and she started digging through the pouch-bag that she had brought along on the trip. One would think that she would have had a healing potion hidden within, though, that wasn't too far off.
She finally pulled what a cloth and unwrapped what would look like a brown sugar cane from the pouch and sniffed it for a moment, her ears twitching when she took in the smell of cinnamon. She reached over to give it to Rosemary. "Here, have her eat some of this. It's a "Pollen Sap Root", an herb with numbing properties through and through. It doesn't start working as fast as a healing potion, but it helps."
She had bought it from an herbalist a day or two before the group had found her and brought her along.
più di un anno fa Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary nodded as she took the herb in her hand* Anything will help. Thanks, Carlyle *She turned back to Oasis and held it up to her mouth, trying to get it into her mouth* Here, O. Eat it, this should help lessen the pain, at least until we get to where we need to go
più di un anno fa -Universe_COLA- said…
Oasis gave a sluggish groan, hot huffs of smoke drifting from her mouth as she leaned against the horse's mane, her head turned away from it this time so that she wouldn't burn it as she noticed that she had done before. It took her a moment, but she worked up the strength to open her mouth to bite into the herb. Which she then wanted to spit out almost immediately, the bitter taste of ground cinnamon sticking to her tongue and throat when she swallowed it and causing her to cough harshly, gripping her side.
più di un anno fa Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary cringed as she noticed her immediate disgust and coughing, before she spoke* s-Sorry, O. I hope the effects kick in real soon
più di un anno fa -Universe_COLA- said…
"T-tastes...worse than food...back at the barracks..ahaha...ha..." Oasis coughed out a chuckle, attempting to make a joke of her condition while she could. It was almost like it had been the night she lost her arm and was injured by Weiss. " any water?" She asked, her mouth now as dry as it had ever been after the not so sweet taste and texture of the herbal root.
più di un anno fa Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary nodded and took a small canteen of water, pressing it against her lips softly* Here, O. Just keep resting and we'll reach the cottage shortly
più di un anno fa -Universe_COLA- said…
Oasis gulped down the water that Rosemary allowed her to drink from the canteen, the sizzling sound of liquid meeting a hot surface being heard. Stopping after a few small gulps in order not to end up drinking all of it, she worked to level her breathing again and find some sort of balance in her injured state.

Carlyle watched the Oasis and Rosemary, her eyes full of curiosity while watching the site of their auras pushing together in a blend. It was extraordinary, like a rose blooming for a second time right before her eyes. She could see a clear, strong bond between them, almost like friends who had known one another all of their life. It tasted sweet, genuine and almost brought a smile onto her face at the truthfulness of its nature.
She couldn't tell what the aura meant exactly, but she had seen it twice before. She couldn't put her finger on it just yet, but she knew that it was familiar.
last edited più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary was surprised as she heard the sizzling sound come from Oasis, but was only focused on making it to the cottage so that Oasis would make it. She kept moving forward, making sure to keep her eyes on Oasis when she could*
più di un anno fa -Universe_COLA- said…
Oasis seemed to be doing a little better with the more minutes passed them by. Soon, she could feel the heavy blanket of numbness prickling over her pain, bringing a vague feeling of discomfort that caused her to shift some. But then she began to drool. "I-I 'ant eel ii tthongue! (I can't feel my tongue!)" Or the entire inside of her mouth for that matter.

"The effects may be a bit...strong..." Carlyle found herself adding that bit of information after the fact, getting a reminder from how her reaction had been pretty much identical. "B-but the heavier effects will ease off in no time!"
più di un anno fa Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary groaned as Carlyle spoke up, before she shook her head and spoke to Oasis* Just hang on there, O. The effects will wear off soon and you should feel fine
più di un anno fa -Universe_COLA- said…
The group spent the rest of their ride to the cottage with Oasis leaning over the side of the horse and drooling large amounts of saliva down onto the ground. Carlyle remained on lookout just out of instinct alone while Wulf kept their horse going on their trail beside Rosemary.
On their way, they had to take cover numerous times from the link that circled in the sky, it's wings like a thick cape of dark skin in which the skeletal frame beneath it held it together and controlled its movement.

But finally, after almost an hour they found themselves on the road that only Rosemary would find the most familiar.

"Home sweet home huh..." Eros said as they entered the town that would lead them to the cabin that formerly belonged to Helga.
più di un anno fa Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary gave a sigh at Eros' response, before she answered* This isn't my home anymore, Eros. This isn't anyone's home. Let's just arrive at the cottage. I'd rather we not stay here any longer than we need to
più di un anno fa -Universe_COLA- said…
"Yeah..I wouldn't want to be here any longer than we have to either. All I see are bad memories around every corner." Eros mumbled, moving the hand she usually controlled to Oasis's back, patting it gently when she began to cough again. "We're almost there Oa, just hang in there."

più di un anno fa Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary nodded as she followed up on Eros* Yeah, what Eros said. Just hang on a little while longer
più di un anno fa -Universe_COLA- said…
Carlyle spent the time that they were making their way through the town looking around at everything that once was, now only a pathetic excuse of a image that was no more. The stands and stores reduced to slabs of would and crumbs left from homes and buildings. It gave the fallen town a sense of gloom.

It took only fifteen more minutes for them to get across the town at the pace that they were going at and to what would be the all too familiar road, now altered by growing weeds and vines from the passed two decades.

"This is it?" Wulf asked as they came to a momentary drop in their horses' pace to observe their surroundings.
più di un anno fa Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary moved silently through the town, and once Wulf spoke up, she gave a nod, before she spoke softly* Yeah, it sure is
più di un anno fa -Universe_COLA- said…
"Then lets do it." Eros used what control she had and pulled out Rosemary's sword and started chopping away the vines and weeds that were blocking their way.

Carlyle didn't even know what she was expecting, seeing the Quartz's first home for the first time herself. She felt a sort of anxiousness, as if being there was going to reveal something to her that she hadn't known before. She kept the Quartz's newer home in mind, thinking that she was going to see the ruins of a magnificent home.
più di un anno fa Windwakerguy430 said…
Hey, Eros! Save your energy *With that said, Rosemary continued to cut through the vines herself, moving through the weeds and making their way toward the old Quartz home*
più di un anno fa cosmic_fusions said…
(can i add something cute to this horrid scene? xD lemme make things cute again here!)
-Universe_COLA- commented…
If te add it I will subtract it XD più di un anno fa
-Universe_COLA- commented…
I must be the most harmless bully in existence then XD And its not like I'm stopping her o anything either più di un anno fa
cosmic_fusions commented…
it's fine really, I'll just wait for the timeskip. più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa -Universe_COLA- said…
"Whatever floats your boat, as long as we get there and we can get Oa fixed up. That's all that matters." Eros said. "I'm gonna check our perimeter and make sure we ain't got more shit to chop up on our plates."

Carlyle's ears twitched a little with each swing of Rosemary's sword, the shhchiiing! sound that came from it as it sliced through vines and weeds bringing amusement to her ears.
più di un anno fa Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary gave a nod of understanding to Eros, continuing to cut through the vines, moving further down the path*
più di un anno fa -Universe_COLA- said…
Eros was silent for the next full minute, concentrating on what she could feel from around them. "I can't sense anything with any dark magic in it, so I guess that's a plus. And I still here obviously, so that tells us that the Crusader bitch isn't anywhere too close." She said afterwards. "So for now, we can take that as being in the clear. Other than that, staying alert is the best bet until we can know for sure."
più di un anno fa Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary gave a nod* Yeah. Better to keep what little energy you have just in case she does come back. Because if she does, I'm not gonna hesitate. I'm gonna kill her *Rosemary's words were cold, but she was serious, and she kept moving through the vines*
più di un anno fa -Universe_COLA- said…
"Yeah, I've got the same idea. We'll skewer that book thumping--"

"N-no..." Oasis wheezed out. "We...we aren't kill anyone." She said. "If she comes back, then we'll just...get away from her again or find a different way.."

"Oa, we can't. Getting away from them without trying to fuck up their shit is already hard enough as it is. And I'm not letting them hurt you again."
più di un anno fa Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary nodded in agreement before she spoke to Oasis* I hate to say it, but we don't have any other choice. If it come down to it, it's either her or us, I'm afraid. And not gonna lie, I'd rather it be the former
più di un anno fa -Universe_COLA- said…
"I agree with the lackey, Captain." Even Wulf agreed with Rosemary at this point. "That sow is dangerous one. Fuistes tú quien nos la dija una vez antes: "This is no place for your mercy, nor your kindness." Take your own advice."

Oasis didn't say anything for the first five seconds after Wulf had spoke, though the silence seemed to lag on longer. "If we can spare a lives, then we will. I will. There's no point in killing people who don't have to lose their lives."

Carlyle's ears were stuck out in a odd flat fashion that wasn't perked, nor lowered, her expression of one that was in thought while listening to there conversation. She could see where they both were coming from. She didn't exactly hold in sort of value in taking the lives of people either, especially if she could get out of a situation without having to do so. Though, like Oasis, sometimes she did get hurt. And a great example of that was when she had first met them all.
But on the other hand, Wulf and Rosemary had a point. If the Crusaders were the ones trying to kill them, then they couldn't just sit by and let themselves be killed. And she didn't want anyone else to die either. However, in that same instance, she would take a life to defend her own and others if that was the only option they had.
Something that Profess--Bonnus, had told her once before came to mind. "The enemy is the one that seeks to bring thee harm. Harm in many, many types of ways. They seek to destroy thy family. Thee. Thy friends. Thy home. The enemy is one who takes. They have no intentions of helping thee." Something taught to her during her teachings of the art of war and combat. Which was now ironic to, coming from Bonnus. Not to mention that she had gotten a chance to experience a lot of things on her own. However, she had stuck by that for quite some time.

last edited più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary sighed as she looked down at Oasis, trying to find a way to convince her otherwise of their mindset* I'm sorry, O, but if she won't listen to reason, she'll have to be taken down, no matter what
last edited più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa -Universe_COLA- said…
"Yeah...I got it." Oasis said, letting out a sigh. "I didn't become a Captain for nothing." She grimaced some at the thought of even that. "If it's got to be done, then it's got to be done."

Carlyle's ears lowered a little, but she understood. And as they finally emerged from the tangles of bushes and vines and out into the clearing to where the cabin was long ago, she spotted five figures in the distance. "Hey, there they are!" She exclaimed.

"Where the fuck are they?" Judissia said impatiently, wiping the back of her hand across the cut on her lip and spitting on the ground, her foot tapping.

"Relax Jud, they'll be here." Tali assured, though her expression of worry disagreed with her words. "You think we lost'em?" She asked, looking around at everyone. Weiss was there with them now too. They had ran into him along the way, and luckily, he was there in time to pull them out of a rock and a hard place.

"If that didn't get them off of our asses, then they're some pretty persistent mother fuckers I'll tell ya that much." Leon stated. "I don't think we can butt heads with those guys again. Me and Leon are pretty much out of mana right now."

"Damn what do'we have going for us?" Judissia ran her hand through her hair.

"Well, I gots three bullets and one more bomb. I guess that's either gonna count for a whole of somethin' or a whole lot of nothin'." Tali said with a sigh. "Lets hope the first guess is it."

"So. Who's going to get their mutt back?" Weiss said blandly. "I'm sick of it following me around."

"I told you we'r--"

"Hey, there they are!"

Everyone turned their heads at the sound of the voice, Judissia's hand going to the hilt of her sword and Tali cocking back her rifle. But then everyone relaxed when they saw the other half of their group.

più di un anno fa Windwakerguy430 said…
*Crow was with Judissia's group, scratching his claws against the ground. He felt that going with them would've been far more of a gamble, considering their previous hostility. A gamble he was lucky paid off. His head shot up when he heard the other's call out, already anticipating their return*
*Rosemary saw that the others had arrived, and was already thankful, though her joy wavered at the sight of Weiss, but she kept it to herself for the time being*
più di un anno fa -Universe_COLA- said…
Weiss didn't give so much as a glance in Rosemary's direction, his attention instead going to Carlyle when they arrived. The old papers that he had in his hands were crumbled into a ball, and he threw them aside. They had been drawings from a long time ago, things that he had drawn as a child. Paintings that he had made for the Quartz. Most of them had tears and holes in them, others in far worst condition.
Somewhere, it hurt. But he no longer cared about them. They had no use.

Judissia let out a sigh of relief, meeting Rosemary and the others halfway. "We thought you nutcases got lost--shit," Her attention was now on Oasis, Tali appearing at her side along with Wulf to help the injured captain off of the horse and down to leveled ground.

"Tubby!" Carlyle whistled, and within seconds, the trees pushed apart, the giant mutant dog bounding towards them and causing the horses to go into a panic, causing everyone to have to grab them to keep them in place.
Tubby ran and scooped Carlyle up with her nose, her tail wagging fiercely and her tongue hanging from her mouth. She had a few gashes in her skin, but they were minor, and would probably heal in no time at all.
cosmic_fusions commented…
where's our agreement of not making helga look bad, ehhhmmm?? più di un anno fa
cosmic_fusions commented…
lies più di un anno fa
-Universe_COLA- commented…
truths più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa Windwakerguy430 said…
*Crow took notice of the creature that was called Tubby, already moving to introduce himself to the creature, crouching onto the ground and scratching his name into the dirt, greeting Carlyle as well since she was there*
*Rosemary remained close to Oasis as she spoke up* Does anyone have anyway of helping her?
più di un anno fa -Universe_COLA- said…
Everyone turned to Rosemary at her question, and no one said anything at first. But Wulf and Tali continued to go where they could sit Oasis so that she would be comfortable. Tali passed Wulf a role of thread, kneeling down beside Oasis and muttering something to her.

Leon and Leonardo looked at one another before shaking their heads.

Weiss didn't answer at all, and was already preparing to leave them and return to the task at hand now that Tubby was no longer being his shadow.
più di un anno fa Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary looked back and forth between everyone, already starting to worry before she called out again* Well then what the hell do we do to help her. I refuse to keep moving forward until Oasis is better, dammit!
più di un anno fa -Universe_COLA- said…
"I am stitching the room." Wulf growled.

"Ro, calm the hell down." Judissia said. "Everyone just got here, we'll help her." She turned to the group. "Anything? Anyone?"

"Leon, you got any healing spells? You do don't you?" Leon asked his brother, turning to look over at him.

"Yes, of course I do. But with where our magic stamina is at the moment, I doubt that I'd be able to pull it off." Leonardo answered flatly with an expression to match his tone of voice.

Leon let out a sigh. "Well, if the wound can get stitched then it won't take much of the empty take that I'm running on to clog it with ice, freeze the blood to stop the bleeding and numb it for the time being."
più di un anno fa Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary was already red in the face, both from rage and worry for Oasis, but she inhaled deeply, doing her best to calm down before she responded* Alright, I'm calm
più di un anno fa -Universe_COLA- said…
"Good." Judissia let out a sigh before turning to Leon. "Whatever you can do, get it done. It'll be appreciated a lot."

"Come to think of it, what's the deal with you two?" Tali asked suddenly, turning her attention to the twins. "You guys were at the Crusader Encampment right?"

Leonardo gave a nod. "It's a bit of a--"

"Long story, actually." Leon finished casually, cracking his knuckles. "We've got some business here in Edrain ourselves. We're on a search for somethin' that was said to be somewhere around these parts."
più di un anno fa Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary went over towards the cottage in the hopes of calming her nerves, taking notice of the old decrepit house that she once lived in. She didn't say any other word. She was just silent
più di un anno fa -Universe_COLA- said…
While Tali was busy gaining a bit more insight on the twins and their situation, Wulf was using some of the water from his canteen to clean away some of the blood from Oasis's wound while he focused on preparing to start the process of stitching.

"You don't say..." Tali squinted some, her hand inching towards her rifle slightly. "And would that "something" happen to be something like, I don't know, a crown?"

"A crown?" Leon and Leonardo looked at one another, Leonardo's right brow raising and Leon's left brow raising.
"You mean the item that you bunch are searching for?" Leonardo asked.

"No, nothin' as far fetched as that." Leon said. "Ours is a bit more...uh...complicated." He scratched his head. "We're lookin' for a source."

"A source?" Judissia asked. "Like a power source or somethin'?"

While the conversation was going on, Oasis was just glad to be somewhere that wasn't on the horse for the time being, searching through her blurry vision to find Rose. "..Mary....Mary..."
più di un anno fa Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary was brought out of her thought when she heard Oasis call to her. She turned her attention to her and responded to Oasis* What is it, O? Do you need something?
più di un anno fa -Universe_COLA- said…
"Just to know that you'" Oasis spoke in a manner that would most likely be seen by the others as odd. She went to lift her hand up and rub at her eyes, but her hand was smacked away by Wulf.

"Too much blood." Wulf stated simply while pulling out a pre-sterilized needle to work with that he usually kept stuck into the sleeve of his jacket. He splashed some of the canteen's water into her face just to wake her up all the way afterwards.

Oasis let out a short gasp, blinking frantically after the sudden splash hit her face. She grimaced and gave a glare at Wulf all in the same instance.
più di un anno fa Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary looked down at Oasis, smiling to her as she responded* Of course I'm here. I'm not going anywhere, O *She stopped once Wulf splashed Oasis' face with the water, and had to stop herself from saying anything else that would get people's attention*
più di un anno fa -Universe_COLA- said…
"To ensure that you are conscious." Wulf said supposedly in his defense as to why he had splashed her in the face. But even as he spoke, it sounded almost as if he were being sarcastic about it, though it was truly genuine at least. Not only that, but it was their procedure for what was to come next.

Oasis muttered something before speaking more clearly. "Go ahead, I'm ready for it." She said, bracing herself as she watched Wulf give the end of the needle a very slight bend at its tip. Her eyes followed the needle as it went to her skin, and she gave Wulf a nod, exhaling slowly out of her nose.