windwakerguy430 Nik's alternate game titles. Which do te like best

Pick one:
Fairy Men Will Steal Your Kids for Profit (Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker)
Cross-Dressers Are the Best Waifus (Persona 4)
Drive animali to Extinction... da Eating Them (Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater)
Murdering Foreigners for One American Girl (Resident Evil 4)
Travel Through Time: Don't Kill Hitler (Chrono Trigger)
Vagina Monsters, Sunny D, and Ravelords (Dark Souls)
Cat People Racism (Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)
Slave Labor to Increase Civilian Happiness (Animal Crossing: New Leaf)
Cannibalism is Justified When It's Col. Autumn (Fallout 3)
Putting the Radical in Radical Islam (Tony Hawk Underground)
THE MEMES (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance)
Stan Lee Told Me To Leave My Girlfriend (Catherine)
Conner's In This Game?! (Grand Theft Auto V)
Let's Murder the Japanese Police (Jet Set Radio Future)
Suicidal Depression Helps te Win Battle Royale (Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion)
Mitsuru Doesn't Amore Idiots Like te (Persona 3)
Kenny, The Human Contradiction (The Walking Dead)
Mika Is A Flaming Pile of Gutter Trash (Killer is Dead)
Is Fratricide Worth Ultimate Power... Yes (Fable)
Raiden Will Never Be Cool... Never (Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty)
Black Gulch: The Gaping Asshole of Drangleic (Dark Souls 2)
Voldo is Bootylicious (SoulCalibur V)
Finally, America Can Kill Illegal Aliens (Saints Row IV)
Climbing My Corpse-Made Tower of Babel (Hitman: Absolution)
Ship Rouge With All The OC's (Sonic Adventure 2 Battle)
Why Won't te Just Die (Shadow the Hedgehog)
................... (Final fantasy XIII)
The Dead Kid is the Only Good Thing (Silent Hill: Homecoming)
Dante Will Never Stop Being Cool... Never (Devil May Cry 3)
Time To Remake A Serbian Film, Boys (Manhunt)
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