windwakerguy430 One più Alternate Game Titles da Nik

Pick one:
Shadman's In This Game? (No più Heroes 2)
Coldsteel the Edgehog Has Returned (Sonic Forces)
It's Like GTA, Only It's Really Not (Super Mario Odyssey)
Shooting Monkey's Before It Was Cool (Resident Evil: Zero)
Radical Islam Got Trashed For Lil' Wayne (Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5)
He's Back and Shittier Than Ever (Dead Rising 4)
Daming Your Soul For A Nut (Shadow of the Colossus)
Very Specific Fetishes Have Been Satisfied Today (Lollipop Chainsaw)
Curbstomp The Baby, Isaac (Dead spazio 2)
Die For the White Man, Colored Critters (Pikmin)
The Black Reality-Bending Mafia's At it Again (Mafia III)
Fuck the Baby... WAIT, NO- (Metroid: Other M)
Evil Dick Monster (Silent collina 3)
Insert Final fantasy XIII Trashing Joke (Final fantasy XIII)
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