windwakerguy430 Of Nik's Pokemon on the Nuzlocke run, which is your preferito

Pick one:
Mercury the Chesnaught
Marky Mark the Butterfree (Died)
Axl Rose the Bunnelby
Kurt Cobain the Pidgeot
Taylor veloce, veloce, swift the Dunsparce
Elton John the Skitty
Fall Out Boy the Blastoise (Died)
Bea the Venipede
Biggie Smalls the Snorlax (Died)
Toadies the Croagunk (Died)
Ozzy the Zubat
Bone Thug the Marowak (Died)
Spice Girl the Helioptile
DJ Lethal the Tyrunt (Died)
Rollin Stone the Golurk (Died)
Fats Domino the Hariyama
Snoop Dogg the Lucario
Kelly the Lapras (Died)
Wu-Tang Clan the Dugtrio
Andre 3000 the Karrablast
Emeritus II the Chandelure
Vanilla Ice the Vanillite
Dio the Yveltal (Died)
Coolio the Sandslash (Died)
Kanye West the Drapion
Evanescence the Trevenant
Epica the Gothitelle
Primus the Ursaring
Madonna the Haunter (Died)
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