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You are my rock...You touch my soul...You brought me light, when all hope was gone...You showed me the secrets, that I could unlock...You are my lover....you are my rock...

Wilson sat at his scrivania, reception for the first time since Amber died. A week fa he had laid her to rest. He didn't cry anymore, but his cuore was breaking. He leant over his desk, clutching a picture of Amber, gently stroking the hair of the lifeless print. His mind wandered from her to the other Amore of his life, Lisa Cuddy.

As if on cue, a knock on the door.
"Come in..."
As the door opened, the stilettoed foot of Lisa Cuddy appeared....
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In light of the recente episodes featuring a 'Huddy' arc, yes my faith in Wuddy was shaken. However, after watching the most recente episode entitled "The Itch", I feel that Wuddy is stronger than ever. Here's why:

The Cafeteria Scene:
"Never leaned so far my tongue fell into their mouths..."

The first Wuddy scene of the episode is when Wilson meets Cuddy in the cafeteria:

Wilson: How te doin'?
Cuddy: Better.
Wilson: Great. Everything else good?
Cuddy: Uh, everything involving me baciare House is good. Oh, God, te dragged it out of me. You're a genius.

Wilson is there for Cuddy as a friend, however...
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Lisa Cuddy sat at her usual tavolo in her favourite Italian restaurant. Setting for one, entree for one, main for one and if she felt so inclined, dessert for one. She looked around her. Young couples sharing a romantic dinner, holding hands, gazing deep into each others eyes. Couples with children, eating as a family, laughing, talking. She looked around the room, she was the only one alone. Staring down at her half eaten plate of pasta she was deep in thought.

Her giorno had been relatively normal, until James Wilson appeared in her office. She had always believed he thought they were just friends,...
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Author's Note: This chapter 'fic occurs just after the episode 'The Itch'. It will only be 5 chapters long. Feedback is ALWAYS welcome and I especially appreciate constructive criticism. Hope te enjoy Leggere as much as I have enjoyed writing!!

Maybe if he had just told her he what he detto was true. Maybe if he had held his ground his world wouldn't have crumbled beneath him. He couldn't manage to say the words he meant, the only sound that passed his lips were the words, "Yes....
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