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I am a Traught shipper. Sorry for those who aren't!!!! But seriously, enjoy!!
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Made da Youtube user winxXrobstar231. Enjoy!! :D
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Night began to fall, strada, via lights lit up and five shadows hid behind the walls of...
"A church?" Wally whispered a Cioccolato bar in his mouth. Artemis nudged him. Robin nodded.
"Makes sense. Why would an evil villain go to a church?" The teenagers crept carefully to the entrance of the church. "Locked!" Robin struggled with the locks. "I could probably pick the locks-"
"Don't worry about that!" Conner stepped up to the doors and pulled it apart.
"Or he can just do that" Robin put his lock picker devise back in his utility cintura and followed the others into the pitch black room.
It felt like hours...
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Chapter Eight- "Pack your Suitcases"

Chapter 8-

"Why are we still here?" Artemis hissed. "The League of Shadows hasn't tried anything in a month!"

"Because Batman said." Robin replied.

"Batman said, Batman said." Artemis mocked him. "No, I mean a real reason."

"That's a good enough reason." Nightwing detto over their ear comms. "Watch Grant and stop talking."

Artemis sighed and looked back. She narrowed her eyes as Grant came out of the bathroom, slipping on a shirt.

Robin looked at her and grinned.

"You like him." he said, the grin in his voice.

"Do not!" Artemis exclaimed.

"Yes te do! te think he's...
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