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Red Revenge slowly walked onto the windy roof. It was familiar. His father had died here. He had hunted down his killer and almost avenged his fathers death had the NYC Police not stopped him.

It was cold, even through his suit. Colder than it should have been for late March.

The sposta was sudden. Guys swarmed the roof, pointing pistole at Revenge while a single cloaked figure and two smaller, female ones walked out onto the roof.

"Been a while, hasn't it?" the cloaked figure asked as the two females stood at the edge of the building.

Revenge didn't move.

The lights flickered on and everything was illuminated. Revenge counted twenty guys. All in a cerchio around him. One figure was dressed as the Grim Reaper. His two female companions were dressed the same.

"Reaper." Revenge growled after a silent moment.

The man laughed wickedly. "I suppose I don't need to introduce my companions?"


The man laughed again. "Friends of yours."

He jerked the robes off of the girls to reveal Sarah and Rose Walker. Both were tied, gagged, and strung loosely to the outside of the building's guard rail.

Revenge started forward, but Reaper held up his scythe. "Stop, o they die."

"Then what'll save te from my wrath?" Revenge demanded.

"Good point." Reaper said, pausing to think. "Let's try again, don't step inoltrare, avanti o one gets it no the other is dropped."

Revenge didn't move, silently accepting the deal.

"Now then. I've long pondered your grudge against me. Really I have. I think about te a lot! te could say I was obsessed."

"No. Kidding." Revenge growled.

Reaper contined to pace, his cappuccio hiding his details. "My point is who are you? What makes te tick? Who is bold enough to name themselves Red Revenge and try to be a hero in this city? And why does he hunt down little old me?"

Revenge clenched his fists.

"See? te care about me too! how affectionate!"

"I only thing I care about is your dead corpse." Revenge growled again.

Reaper laughed. "Well, to avoid the discussion, I'm cutting straight to the chase. Mask off."

"Or?" Revenge asked.

Reaper laughed and fired a shot at Rose. It went straight through her shoulder and she cringed. She was wearing her usual tank-top and jeans, her white hair waving in the wind.

"You'll shoot an assassin and a street-rat?" Revenge asked.

Reaper's expression went blank. Then he grinned again and laughed. "Almost had me! They're people. You'd save them."

"Would I?"

Reaper laughed. "Well let's find out, shall we?"

His foot hit Rose in the stomach and she fell.

"No!" Revenge yelled, running inoltrare, avanti and trying to leap after the girl. Reaper grabbed his cape and jerked him back on the roof, causing Revenge to bang his head.

"Watch it. Metal poles hurt!"

Revenge groaned as Reaper continued to swing at him with a metal baseball bat. For ten minuti this kept up. Finally Revenge rolled over and groaned. Then he didnt move.

"Get rid of the other girl." Reaper detto casually. One of the gangsters shoved Sarah off the edge. She screamed as she fell.

Revenge growled and leapt up, grabbing Reaper's neck. He closed his grip on it and walked over the guard rail and to the corner edge of the roof.

"I'm going to kill you." Revenge growled. "Right after I break te in two."
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I would like to express my growing concern over the type of pictures being postato on this website. This website and Televisione mostra was designed for teenagers. The pictures being postato aren't for younger people on this website. Most of us, like me, are around fifteen o above. We can handle these immagini (whether we want to o not). However, some people are younger, thirteen, twelve anno olds, they don't need to see these types of images!

Now, I'm not telling te to take down any photos, I'm saying that the overly sexual ones are really unneeded! What's the problem with people kissing? Where'd...
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Red Revenge Series

Book One: "Revenge o Redemption" 
When the League of Assassins sends their two best assassins: agrifoglio and Cheshire, to assassinate Samuel Grant, things could get difficult for the
Black Hero.

Book Two: "Jericho"
When the inhabitants of Venus begin a massive kill-all invasion of Earth, Red Revenge must team up with the Freedom Fighters to protect Earth. But that's not the only extreme measure he has to take. Giving agrifoglio Green a costume of her own, she becomes his new partner Emerald. But can the World's Most Powerful Beings save the Earth?

Book Three: "Ravage"
A two parter! When...
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She opened her eyes, lifting her head. Everything was cloudy and dust misted over the ground. She coughed and managed to get on her hands and knees.
“Devin!” She coughed again. “Becca!”
She crawled inoltrare, avanti and found someone. Pale skin, flowing hair. Dressed in black, silver. She scurried back and coughed again.
“No way.”
She heard a moan and headed over towards it.
“Erin? We get out?”
“Yeah. te okay?!”
“Just woozy.”
“I hear ya. Bec, we got a problem.”
“Wait! Where's Devin?!”
“Over here!”
The two crawled to where Devin's voice came from.
“Thank goodness...
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It was one of those days: long, and seeming to never end. I dragged my feet as I traveled down an alleyway. I yawned and slumped against a wall. I was still in my Red cappuccio guise as my eyes continuously fluttered from open to closed. I woke up to a rumble of thunder. I looked up and saw the sky turning a dark grey, almost black. I sighed. I didn’t want to go to my house and I had no where to really call home, so I headed to the only place I would be able to feel peace. I changed from Red cappuccio to Aeronwen Todd as I walked, removing my jacket, casco and mask as I walked. I dropped them at...
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Everyone else was doing it and people don't really know that Devin's got her share of buttons to be pushed. So I made this! Enjoy! XD

1. Poke her
2. Do anything “Wally-ish”
3. Talk about demons
4. Be mean to Robin (her brother)
5. Ask her to play the harp
6. Ask her to sing
7. Tell her to let Cupid know something (seriously, she WILL hurt you)
8. Make jokes about angeli playing harps and singing
9. Taking away her Angel's light (Teague -.-)
10. Follow her around the mountain because te feel like it (Becca)
11. Tell her she's too sensitive (she's an Angel; what do te expect?)
12. Stand outside her...
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