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Red Revenge slowly walked onto the windy roof. It was familiar. His father had died here. He had hunted down his killer and almost avenged his fathers death had the NYC Police not stopped him.

It was cold, even through his suit. Colder than it should have been for late March.

The sposta was sudden. Guys swarmed the roof, pointing pistole at Revenge while a single cloaked figure and two smaller, female ones walked out onto the roof.

"Been a while, hasn't it?" the cloaked figure asked as the two females stood at the edge of the building.

Revenge didn't move.

The lights flickered on and everything was illuminated. Revenge counted twenty guys. All in a cerchio around him. One figure was dressed as the Grim Reaper. His two female companions were dressed the same.

"Reaper." Revenge growled after a silent moment.

The man laughed wickedly. "I suppose I don't need to introduce my companions?"


The man laughed again. "Friends of yours."

He jerked the robes off of the girls to reveal Sarah and Rose Walker. Both were tied, gagged, and strung loosely to the outside of the building's guard rail.

Revenge started forward, but Reaper held up his scythe. "Stop, o they die."

"Then what'll save te from my wrath?" Revenge demanded.

"Good point." Reaper said, pausing to think. "Let's try again, don't step inoltrare, avanti o one gets it no the other is dropped."

Revenge didn't move, silently accepting the deal.

"Now then. I've long pondered your grudge against me. Really I have. I think about te a lot! te could say I was obsessed."

"No. Kidding." Revenge growled.

Reaper contined to pace, his cappuccio hiding his details. "My point is who are you? What makes te tick? Who is bold enough to name themselves Red Revenge and try to be a hero in this city? And why does he hunt down little old me?"

Revenge clenched his fists.

"See? te care about me too! how affectionate!"

"I only thing I care about is your dead corpse." Revenge growled again.

Reaper laughed. "Well, to avoid the discussion, I'm cutting straight to the chase. Mask off."

"Or?" Revenge asked.

Reaper laughed and fired a shot at Rose. It went straight through her shoulder and she cringed. She was wearing her usual tank-top and jeans, her white hair waving in the wind.

"You'll shoot an assassin and a street-rat?" Revenge asked.

Reaper's expression went blank. Then he grinned again and laughed. "Almost had me! They're people. You'd save them."

"Would I?"

Reaper laughed. "Well let's find out, shall we?"

His foot hit Rose in the stomach and she fell.

"No!" Revenge yelled, running inoltrare, avanti and trying to leap after the girl. Reaper grabbed his cape and jerked him back on the roof, causing Revenge to bang his head.

"Watch it. Metal poles hurt!"

Revenge groaned as Reaper continued to swing at him with a metal baseball bat. For ten minuti this kept up. Finally Revenge rolled over and groaned. Then he didnt move.

"Get rid of the other girl." Reaper detto casually. One of the gangsters shoved Sarah off the edge. She screamed as she fell.

Revenge growled and leapt up, grabbing Reaper's neck. He closed his grip on it and walked over the guard rail and to the corner edge of the roof.

"I'm going to kill you." Revenge growled. "Right after I break te in two."
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*sighs* Here goes nothing. *crosses fingers*

Name: Tara (pronounced Terra) Lopez
Alias: Midnight
Occupation: Minor, hero
Powers: acrobatics, agility, speed, flexibility, force fields, weapons, handcuffs
History: Tara grew up in an ordinary family, always dreaming of greater things. Her dreams became reality when she was recruited for the team da Green Lantern. She moved into the HQ, leaving her family behind. Tara was a fast learner and a talented pupil. But she knew her dreams were not going to last for ever. When Tara was 15, she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a condition that causes her joints,...
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I finally got around to doing this, it completely slipped my mind to actually carica it. te get a songfic at the end, but for t to make sense just read the info.


Name: Cleo
Alias: Phantom
Status: Not a hero o villain. più like a freelancer
Age: 15
Hair Color: Very light brown almost blonde
Eye Color: Green
Body Type: Fit
Race: Ghost
Powers: She’s a ghost -.-. Ability to become intangible, energy blasts, flight/levitation, invisibility, ability to give anyone else ghost abilities for a few minutes.
Costume: Whatever civi clothes she is wearing plus a black hood.

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Source: Me! I used the app Drawing Pad, on my dad's iPad
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I figured I should write a quick and simple bio about myself.....just so I would have people knowing my character and wouldn't have to ask. This bio shall be a work in progress, in that I may change it later on, if anything should need to change.

Name: Jaelle Imanov
Alias: Jinxi
Only close Friends call her "Jin"

She does not go da her actual name. She goes da her alias only. In fact, no one knows her real name, and she is very close to forgetting it. I'll explain why below.

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Special Markings/tattoos/scars: She has her tribal paint markings on her face, arms, and back......they...
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Twan walk's trouw the thrence, buths lieling evrywer around them, the hair of a RA soildir got cut of da an passing bullet.Keeps your heads down comrades, they we cant fith tham this way. Twan said. The RA soldire within hearing rangce took cover. fuoco the Katyusha, blow them to hig havean. Twan detto in his earpice to his aralarie camander. Yes sir, the officer said. evrywan heard the schreaming sound of the Katyusha's launsing ther devastating missels, the merc's her terifid in ther trence da the scheaming sound. Gunfire and the Ra saw howe the misels rain down on the merc's, devestayding...
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OOC: Here's an overview of what you're about to experience.
It's been two months after the discovery of the talpa on the team. Vandal Savage has succeeded in taking over the League, the teen division as well. Total submission comes from those who are smart. There are rebel groups spread across the world of young heroes, including certain members of the original team and some members that have joined during the revolution. These few groups are doing their best to work in secret, however.
Now, in this period of time, Savage has left the torre di osservazione, torre di guardia and found he cannot return because something has...
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“Rene, wake up,” Rosie said, “wake up.”
    “Mm, do I have to?”
    “Yes, it’s 7am, and you’ve been sleeping in the infirmary for a week!” I was so tired; I didn’t want to leave Kent. Kent had been in a coma for 3 weeks, and I couldn’t leave him, not yet.
    “I brought te a succo, succo di frutta box,” Rosie said, “and its frutta punch.” I took the succo, succo di frutta box and put it on the side table. I went to the bathroom and changed out of my nyan cat pajamas. I put on a green long-sleeved shirt, jeans, and my black-gray combat...
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((sorry it is so short))

5 years ago:
“You cannot leave us SUKA*! How dare te even suggest that to me?” Malafik shouted at Mafia. His eyes angry and it made Mafia want to fall to her knees and cower. But she would not, she had to much pride to do so. And what he did to her parents made her più valiant. She would not back down. “I want to get out Malafik. I was born into this, it was never my choice. And te know it.” Her last words came as a hiss. Malafik narrowed his eyes at her tone, “You dare speak to me in such a way! Zmeya**!” He lifted his snake staff and swung it at her....
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Name: Cadmus Allendral

Alias: Mafia

Age: 16 yrs, Female, Height: 5'7

Status: Ally

Powers: Can turn any object into an animal of her choice. Though she prefers snakes. She can talk to all animali and is immune to poison of any kind. She is a Charmer making anyone do her will da Canto to them, o a baciare to their lips. She can phase through solid objects, and can shape shift to any snake of her liking. Works well with pistole and aim. She grew up around them. And can handle swords as well.

Cadmus was raised in Russia and was caught in the Mafia in a young age thanks to her parents' involvement....
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((I was to lazy to switch accounts))
Here. I made a Fin/Bruce bonding fic one-shot thing, so.... >.<
Just read and tell me what te think.

Tears flooded down her eyes, crystal blue and wide in shock. She looked down at her chest and felt the world slow to a near stop as a oro flash entered her back and came out as a bullet. It trailed red and that soon became the only color Fin could see-- red. The red of her own blood seeping down the the front of her dress. The red that stained the snow below her feet, that coated...
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She followed him to the superiore, in alto of the roof. He was looking at the bank, ready to rob it. She was going to make sure he couldn't. She took out a small device and came towards him. He stayed where he was.
“I warned te not to mess with me. I warned te to stay away from Terror. te failed to listen. And now I will make sure te get the message.”
Becca waved her hand and gathered all of his weapons and devices into a bag.
“You see this?” Becca held up the small device. “It's paralyzing you. Thank goodness I have a high tolerance.”
Becca snapped the device shut, walking so she was now facing...
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