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posted by Robin_Love
 Nothing to do with the article, but it's cute~!
Nothing to do with the article, but it's cute~!
She sat on the superiore, in alto of the mountain, looking at the sun's amber rays against the dusty rose sky. She slowed her heavy breathing. Every part of her hurt, but she had wanted to get a good view of the silver moon as it rose. The crescent sliver was to appear in a few moments.
She could see for miles up here and enjoyed the way the wind cooled her down; the climb was well worth her pain. She made herself comfortable and waited. minuti later, she heard a noise behind her. She didn't move, hearing più than one warning. But she knew she was safe. If someone had attacked them, she'd have been the first to know.
“Didn't think that after I was done training I'd have to climb a mountain just to see you.”
She smiled as the silver haired boy sat beside her. She heard his labored breathing and waited for him to catch his breath before taking his hand in hers.
“Sorry,” she finally said. “I just came up here to watch the sunset and then the moon rise.”
He smiled and pulled her against him. She settled into him, barely noticing the smell the mountain climb had caused. They sat in the serene quiet as the sun went to bed. The moon poked it's head out and then joined it's brothers in the sky.
“I've missed you,” he whispered into her hair.
“And I've missed you. But te have work to do.”
“How often do te come up here alone?”
“Never. This is the first time I have ever climbed this high.”
“Do te hurt?”
“A bit, but it's worth it.”
He just nodded and held her close, baciare her hair and brow.
“See the colors?” she asked a few minuti later as if the lull in the conversation had never taken place.
He gave a nod and then she continued.
“It means summer is close.” Here she turned to look at him, a light blush covering her cheeks. “I can't tell te how many summers went da and I wished for a summer romance. But I don't have to wait for that anymore.”
His eyes filled with Amore and he smiled before placing his lips on hers. She kissed him back before cuddling deeper into him. She pulled a collana from her pocket and slipped it around his neck. He picked up the sun-shaped charm and grinned. He looked up at her loving smile and kissed her again.
“We may be different as night and day, but I Amore you, Tara.”
She nuzzled his neck as a smile broke her face, the crescent sliver bathing them in moonlight.
“I Amore you, too, Alek.”
 "He picked up the sun-shaped charm and grinned"
"He picked up the sun-shaped charm and grinned"
(( Bentley's P.O.V ))

I dont understand.... a system announcement always means somethings wrong..... i have to tell Jet..., i swiped open my lista looking for the log out button in my suprise it wasnt there. What was going on? everyone around me obviously had no clue what was going on either there was no point in asking obviously something was up, something big..., suddenly i saw it a big hooded figure appear before my eyes floating in mid air, who was the figure? what did he have to say?.

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posted by XxKFforeverXx
25 ways to piss off Fang.

1). Poke him and continuously and ask if he’s goth

2) Poke him between the wings then run away screaming “I TOUCHED A GOTH KID!

3.) Dye his hair rosa while he’s asleep.

4.) Lock him in a room with bright rosa walls. (And a barf bag)

5.) Take a toy coltello and ask Fang if he’s Lost his.

6.) Tell Fang that te Amore him.

7.) Hack into his blog and change his status
update too “I Amore Hannah Montana.”

8.) Touch his hair (only Devin can)

9.) Give him McDonald’s chicken nuggets and tell him he’s eating his mom.

10.) When Fang appears kick his shins and say te didn’t...
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 Sarah, minus the wings.
Sarah, minus the wings.
Thought te needed to know about Scott's "innocent" little sister.

Name: Sarah Clancy
Alias: "Angel" As called da the battle front.
Appearance: Sarah is a girl with long silvery white hair and oro eyes. She wears the standard uniform of the afterlife school, white knee-high socks and brown loafers and a pale blue barrette on the back of her hair.
Powers/skills: Hand Sonic: Calls forth a single blade o a pair of blades on each hand. The blades are capable of slicing through steel o even easily dispatching of Shadows.
◾Hand Sonic [Version One]: Regular shape resembling a longsword.
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When Revenge came to, it was almost morning. The faint sunrise could be seen over the horizon as the true catastrophe of the precedente night came into view.

Revenge's oca chase had blinded him to the bombing of New York. Trapper's men had blown a hole in Times Square. Nothing looked the same. Bodies littered the strada, via and what looked like flesh splattered the wall. Revenge groaned and suddenly noticed he was tied to a clothes line.

No, not a clothes line, a power line. He could feel the energy pulsing through the cables. If he could just get enough power...

"Good Morning." a voice called. Revenge...
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((I was going to post other ones (2 other articles) but they got erased from my compute D: any way.. This articolo is going to be VERY dark... So if te don't like dark articoli don't read.
Btw this is a Song Fic! So the italic words are the verses. Unless it's a name))

"You didn't kill them did you?" Gage detto calmly looking down with his eyes closed.
"Yes I did, Gage.." Her voice trembling.
"No te didn't, te know what happens when te lie."
"I'm not lying!"
He hit her... hard.. knocking her unconscious. This has happend twice this week but he always does something new.
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Source: Psycho-Pass & artist who made this
He has a partner and her profilo will be up shortly-

Name- Caleb

Alter ego- Target

Age- 17

Grade- Junior

Allies- Night/Day

Personality- sometimes cocky, proud, protective, older brother, teasing, doubtful, sometimes thoughtful, careful, loving.

His ability-

He is the only meta in his family though he doesn't use his powers often mostly just to disgruntle his younger sister. He can great gusts of win and small tornado like things for a few minuti but never a full out one. He is also intelligent. he knows how to rile his opponent up enough to make them make a mistake. His name it self makes some people...
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ME A GEEK!!!!!
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