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I found it and I was like 'Hmmm who has arancia, arancio hair and would dress up in a chick onzey? MERCY!'
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This Young Justice OC'S!!! foto contains segno, manifesto, testo, lavagna, and poster. There might also be caramella, caramella dura, strada, città scena, ambiente urbano, scena della via, città, urbano impostazione, caramelle, confect, and confetti.

posted by NekoTheif
Bonnie frowned into her cereal angry with life it's self. "Whats the matter?" Matthew asked as he bit into his crostini, pane tostato "Momma's gonna have a baby they got back from the doctor yesterday detto I was gonna have a little brother" Bonnie sighed "I don't see the problem" Matthew shrugged "Your a boy I wouldn't expect te to" she rolled her eyes.

"umm what's that suppose to mean?" he blinked confused at her aspro, acida mood "I don't want a little brother they have me they don't need another kid" she snapped "I sense worry in your voice" Matthew answered plainly "My first parents had a baby 3 months before...
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posted by Robin_Love
A little something to help set up another article. Enjoy! :)

She could hear the Musica from her spot in the kitchen. It was a soothing sound but odd to hear. Mostly because it came when no one else was around. They had all gone out to do something. And she was alone as it played. She followed to where she knew it would be played from. The sound haunting yet alluring and still so soothing. It was amazing and it intensified with every step closer she took. The sounds accelerating and crescendo. She looked in the small window on the door. Someone was at the piano, but she couldn't see their face....
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posted by BloodyMascara_
Was up in the middle of the night. I needed to get the reasons I hate the color red. NO OFFENCE TO THE RED LIKERS!


The color of blood. The color of fire. The color of hatred. The color of pain.

Her preferito color was red. Untill the night....

She came home from school like any other day. She had gotten good grades. She was happy. Her hair was the scarlet color. She had loved it. When she got up to her front door.......something....wasnt right.... Her mother usually waited da the door to await her. This time....they didnt rush to the door. It seemed odd to her at first. But she entered. She...
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posted by Robin_Love
I swear, I JUST wrote this!!!

She awoke to an odd sound. Not the usual sound of the others waking up. Something else. Something....haunting. The others had taken a trip for the weekend and she thought she was the only one there. The più it sounded, the più she felt like she was in a trance. It was like the first time she'd watched Phantom of the Opera.
The way the girl had been so entranced with his voice....Chills crept along her skin. She got out of her letto and slowly went closer to the noise. It sounded almost paranormal. And it freaked her out. She came closer and peeked around the corner....
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posted by Robin_Love
Just a fun little one-shot on the Outsiders team *insert maniacal laughter* XD

“What goes on kitty Cat?”
She jumped at the voice, startled. She looked over to find Trevor sitting successivo to her. Zero was fiddling around on one of his gadgets and Zeth was...being Zeth.
“I thought I was alone.”
“Until three minuti fa te were,” Zeth said.
Cat rolled her eyes at him and Zeth smirked. His eyes glowed and a string appeared in front of her. Both Trevor and Zeth laughed almost evilly as Cat's eyes followed the string and her hands moved up to get it. A hand snatched the string away, releasing...
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posted by Robin_Love
She was running along the street, a blur to all. She did a few tricks over cars, going too fast for any one to appreciate them. She laughed, enjoying her fun. She skidded to a stop when she saw a blonde haired boy in a black trench cappotto running away. She looked at him for a minute. Why was he running? She raced towards him.
“Hey softie!” she yelled teasingly.
The boy stopped, turning to her. He scowled.
“Shut up Erin!”
She stopped in front of him.
“Awww! C'mon Terror! I was just playing!”
“I don't give a care. Leave me alone!”
Terror turned to leave, but Erin grabbed his wrist. A...
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I wrote this before I was half done with RoR. It won't fit in the storyline now, but to avoid too many spoilers, this is your super preview. Oh BTW: RAVAGE PART II TOMORROW!!!!

"Where's agrifoglio and Artemis?" Revenge asked, swinging down successivo to Nightwing and Batgirl.

"Here!" Artemis called, running up. "Holly's inside planting the explosives!"

"That's my girl." Revenge muttered.

His HUD flashed red thrice. A symbol he had hoped was an accidental set off.

"Evacuate the area!" Revenge yelled, firing his grappling line at the school and swinging off.

"You heard Revenge! Move!" Nightwing yelled. He ran...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Anyone recongize where I got my inspiration from? If so tell me!

Name: Kenlie Saunders

Alias: Ravenna

Occupation: Villain

Age: hundred of years old but looks 16

Appearance: Jet black hair with bangs, pitch black 14 ft. wings, piercing, seductive red eyes, muscular for a girl, and she's 5'9

Personality: Jealous, arrogant and smart alec attitude, dark.

Powers: Sorcery, flight (wings), uses sorcery to stay youthful

Past: Ravenna's mother put a spell on her daughter to give her youth when she was a young girl, before they were seperated, and the spell could only be broken da the farest of them all (beside...
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