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posted by Mclovin_69
" So te admit to have no feelings for him.." Black Canary said, " nope none.." Astreous detto crossing her arms and putting her knees up infront of her, " do te mind explaining to me why te are feeling unsure of telling the truth.." Black Canary said, Astreous looked up tears forming in her eyes, " te cant tell anyone this.." Astreous said, " nothing leaves this room " Black Canary said. " That simulation.. it opened my eyes on my true self.. i try to think of myself as a human, when truly im a monster... i-i felt at peace when più and più of them went but the only thing that changed that feeling is when Bullet... when he..." Astreous detto but couldnt finish, she covered her mouth as tears escaped, " im a monster..." Astreous said, Black Canary looked at her with sadness in her eyes " when he..." Black Canary said, " told me he loved me..." Astreous said. " Dear telling the truth about caring about someone else doesnt make te any different then te already are...." Black Canary said, Astreous looked up at her trying to force a smile.


" scared... try tramatized.... seeing all my Friends die, it didnt just scare me it hurt to watch... i know my sacrifice was the worst mistake i could have made... for my Friends i abandoned them..." Andrew said, " Andrew... te didnt abandon them te made the choice that te thought was right.. pushing Bullet in and saving him.... that was a great thing to do..." Black Canary said, " but was it the right thing.." Andrew mumbled, " te can never be sure... but all te have to know is to believe that the choices te make in life should be the ones that te trust.." Black Canary detto touching andrews shoulder, " i wish i could believe that..." Andrew mumbled looking down and away from Black Canary.


" I should have done something... but i didnt...." Meagan said, " who knew that one little thing te do in a simulation can mess up the whole thing..." Meagan contiuned her skin turned peach, Black Canary looked shocked, " youve turned white.." she said, " what?" Meagan detto then looked at her hands, " oh te mean cocasion...but yeah im fine..." Meagan said, " te know te can tell me anything... no secret leaves this room.." Black Canary said, Meagan looked up at her.


" It suprised me i know.... but... it didnt scare me enough to tramatize me" Artemis said, " Artemis noone can go through that and be okay... somethings bothering you..." Black Canary said. " i dunno maybe something is so?" Artemis detto corssing her arms, " te cant even admit te were scared " Black Canary said, " pfft no imagine what Lucas would do hed tell everyone im scared !" Artemis hissed, Black Canary looked at her oddly " intresting.... so the person your most worried about is Lucas..." Black Canary said, Artemis's eyes widened and she looked at her.


" I-I know what i did must have scared everyone but i couldnt stand seeing somneone die right infront of me and not be able to do anything about it.." Phoebe detto looking at Roulette in sadness, stroking the ravens head with her finger, " so te were willing to sacrifice yourself?" Black Canary said, " well anyone would do it if they could i know Wally did.." Phoebe said, " but does that automatically make everyone like thaat" Black Canary said, " no...." Phoebe mumbled, " and about what Robin detto he didnt mean what he said.... he meant he loves te like his own sister.." Black Canary said, " i knew it couldnt have been.... Robins not that kind of guy..." Phoebe said, " but is it bothering te how he doesnt Amore te in that way?" Black Canary asked, Phoebe stayed silent.


" It was all my fault.... who else could turn a simple exercise into a nightmare...." Willow detto looking down, Black Canary looked at her in sadness, " its not your fault Willow..." Black Canary replied, " im a monster....maybe i should just refuse to use my powers..." Willow mumbled, " te cant be yourself if te refuse to do something that te are intitled to do" Black Canary said, " Everyone hates me...." Willow mumbled. " Hate is a strong word...." Black Canary said, " stronger then my cursing powers.." Willow mumbled, Black Canary looked at her with even più sadness. " I will help te through this..." Black Canary detto touching her knee, Willow looked up at her tears streaming down her face, " promise..." Willow mumbled, Black Canary nodded, Willow gasped a cry and ran at Black Canary and hugged her tightly, Black Canary rubbed her back. It was hard to believe that someone who was so fragile was so powerful.
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 FireBlaster was on the floor dead covered in Blood!
FireBlaster was on the floor dead covered in Blood!
I had put the gun on my head and shot myself three times.I fell to the ground I felt sleepy I was slipping away.
My soul left my body.............

I got up and saw that she was`nt there and the force field was down but FireBlaster was on the floor dead covered in blood.
N-No!!!!!!!It can`t be shes not dead no!!!!
"Dude we need to get out of here!"
I took her body and ran towards the Bio-ship It was raining and I was covered in blood.
I sat with her in my lap.
"She is dead!No that can`t be!!!"I heard conner roar.
I was crying when Artemis aproched me and said:
She told me to telll te if she ever died...
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It`s raining?I got up from the ebd to get ready I heard low foot steps and grabbed my shiruken and put them on his chest amimng for severe wonds.
It was Robin? I sighed
Okay you`ve officialy scared me for the day,
what`s up?
"Why does something have to be up for me to enter your room.?"
Good point,I handed Robin my shiruken and started looking for my dress and my shoes.
What ever te do don`t touch the-
Nice,here I took some bandeges out of my secret stash and put my saliva on his hand and wrapped it.
There now quit playing with it its poisened.
Play with tetsaiga o tensaiga,but leave that...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
-------Fang's point of view-------
I sat in a chair across from my sisters hospital bed. She looked like death had beaten her over. She was alive but barely.. I got up from where I was sitting and walked over to her bed. I used my free hand to push her bangs back from her face. I picked up her hand. It was cold, but it had a touch of warmth. One domanda was going through my mind, why did Xena turn villianous? Did I cause her to do it? Am I am she reason she's out for blood? o when we where dating.... did I miss the signs?
I could feel someone's presence...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
"You will be heading to Transylvania, we've been getting reports of strange sounds, and missing people. It's getting out of hand. We're sending te to put a stop to it." Batman said. I looked over at my brother, he was staring at the screen with a worried look on his face. I had a feeling his vision was turning into reality.
"We are leaving in 5 minutes, be ready to leave da then." Aqualad said. I started to walk sway when he grabbed my shoulder. "Nudge, what 'powers' do te exactly have?" I looked at him " Mind reading, telekinesis, I can mess with people's emotions, cause people to collapse...
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posted by Mclovin_69
The team had been treating Liza better then her ever since she had arrived, she always gave Willow dirty glares and whenever she talked to Wally. She felt as though this was a fight that she did not want to compete in, something made her snap Liza talked to Wally and laughed and touched his shoulder, Becca could feel Willows cuore break, she immeadiatley turned to Willow az she saw tears streak down her face, Willow ran out.

Willow sat on the spiaggia crying, and she heard someone come up behind her. " Go away Liza..." Willow hissed even though she usually never did. Liza smirked, " not until i...
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posted by Robin_Love
“Hey guys,” Becca greeted as she and her team entered the secret base belonging to Young Justice.
“What's up?” Wally asked.
Willow came to him for a hug, receiving a baciare as well.
“Nothing much,” Becca answered.
“How's the outside world?” Robin asked.
Ever since the Light had attacked Mt. Justice, Young Justice had been hiding under ground, underneath Happy Harbor. Becca and her team of girl warriors had been their eyes and ears, as well as their cover on all of their missions.
“Peaceful,” Becca answered. “It scares me.”
“You scared of a little quiet?” Wally asked.
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posted by Robin_Love
“Becca! What-why did te do that?!”
Becca crossed her arms, huffed, and turned to the window. Willow sat on her letto as she watched one of her best Friends stare out the window.
“I'm very territorial, Willow. When I get it in my head that I have something-whether it's a friend o a material possession- I get very...aggressive. When te told me Wally broke your heart, I Lost it. I've spent my whole life protecting people that I forgot all about my own problems.”
“You think I belong to you?”
“You're my friend, Willow. Everything you've done has a permanent effect on me. So I think of...
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posted by 66Dragons
Chapter One-

She walked down the strada, via quickly, trying to find her shelter and get to warmth. It had been a mese since her encounter with the Boy Wonder and the Man of Steel. Ever since, she had had to be very careful about when and how she used her powers. Especially when all sorts of super-heroes began mostrare up in her side of town.

She didn’t consider herself a superhero. She considered herself a pain in the butt. Everytime she tried to help someone, she ended up hurting them. She couldn’t stand the pain.

She was so Lost in her own thoughts that she didn’t see the person in front of...
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Willow sat in the cucina at the counter looking at her sketchbook, looking at a blank page, she was having the urge to draw but whenever she took out her sketchbook and held her pencil no ideas came to mind. Wally walked in and saw Willow looking down at the sketchbook, " what ya drawing?" he asked in a flirty tone, Willow didnt look up at him she kept looking at her blank page.
Wally looked at her curiously then walked over and leaned on the counter beside her, " something bothering you?" he asked, Willow looked up at him, " i dunno i guess...." Willow detto gentley, " whats the matter?" he...
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Willow sat in the lving room/ cucina area on the divano watching tv, Wally came in and sat successivo to her on the couch, she laughed and layed her head in his neck, Wally looked down at her and kissed her head, Willow sighed " whats wrong?" he asked. Willow lifted her head from Wallys neck and looked at him, " te really.... did help me back there....but im still wondering if im powerful enough now to come with my power within im just scared to try...." Willow said, Wally looked at her " why are te scared..." he asked. Willow looked at him then got up off the divano and walked into the kitchen,...
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Eclipse waited in the mission room, pacing from time to time but no one showed up. She started to walk out the room "If I imagined that alarm I will have to get Emma Frost to check my mind" suddenly she she was flung back and hit a bacheca da a large explotion. COUGH COUGH COUGH she waved the smoke out of her face and but still couldn't see. Smoke filled the corridor. She pulled the cappuccio from her mantello over her silky brown hair then suddenly the green and silver outlined mantello turned invisable, she was on stelth mode.

Creeping around the corner she layed her back on the wall, all without making...
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The master clock in Willows bedroom rung, it was time to go down to her mother so that she could escort her to the wedding taking place in the ball room. Willow sighed and stopped dancing with Wally and tears began to flow, she never wanted this moment between her and Wally to end, she liked dancing with him, it made her fell better, just seeing his green eyes look at her in sadness made her want to kill herself for doing this to him, she couldnt have him looking at her during the wedding with those eyes, she wouldnt be able to do it... she couldnt say i do to the boy she was being forced to...
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Still not thinking the Musica was enough to signal their holiday spirit, Megan and Wally sat on the floor and began Scrivere their Natale lists while RObin continued play random little songs on the piano.

"Artemis, aren't te going to write a list?" Megan asked.

"No, I haven't written one since I was six, and I'm not going to do it know." Artemis snapped.

"Come on, it's fun." Megan detto happily.

"No, I'm grown up now, I don't write Natale lists o sends them off to Santa." Artemis answered, turning on her heals to leave. Once she was sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza in her room, she heard a tune from the Pianoforte echoing...
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posted by Robin_Love
“Again. te need to focus more.”
Robin growled in his frustration. The Angel that had saved him, Devin da name, was trying to help ease his mind. Since the giorno he woke up healed, Robin had worried about his friends. They all thought he was dead. And Robin wanted to get back to them quick as possible. Devin had other ideas.
“Why do I have to do this?” he asked.
“To teach your mind. Robin, not all powers come from scientific breakthroughs o mutated genes. If te really want to see your friends, focus. te will see them.”
Robin stared at Devin. He was puzzled as to how she'd known his...
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posted by Skittles98
I turned my head sharply to look directly at him. He jumped. I looked at him through narrowed eyes. He tried to look confident, but failed. Both Kid Flashes were running laps around the room. I grabbed the one from my dimension as he ran by.
‘Stop wasting your energy! You’ll have none left to fight at this rate’ I mentally growled
‘Who detto we were fighting?’ he asked
‘He did’ I though, subtly gesturing to Control Freak.
‘He’s a fat couch-potato. What can he do?’ Wally thought
‘Haven’t te noticed? There’s no windows, no air vents, no tiny holes in the walls for air, yet...
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