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posted by Robin_Love
 Aroan, lupo form
Aroan, wolf form
“While we head out, te can tell me something.”
“What do te want to know?” Becca asked.
“Why you're out. I haven't seen te in a long time. Ever since Hex came along.”
“Ugh! Please don't talk about that! I have nothing I want to remember!”
“Okay. But I have to know why you're out. te owe me that.”
“I'm out...looking for you.”
“For me?” Kai asked in pure surprise.
“Yes. I had a dream three nights ago. Of the night te saved me from Hex.”
“Why'd te want to find me?”
“I was hoping te could help me find him. So I can end this once and for all.”
“Becca...he almost killed te last time. And he's got a new girl now.”
“I don't care! I need to put an end to everything. He hurt me. I need to set it right.”
“You're going to kill him?”
“No. Lock him up.”
“Are te sure? I mean te haven't been able to for the last seven years.”
“I know. But...I'm ready this time.”
“Okay. I'll help te find him. But if he hurts you, I'll have no choice but to kill him!”
“I hope he does, Kai. Because I've never had this kind of protection before.”
“You'll always have me Becca. I know te better than any other. I won't leave te again. We'll be partners. Like old times.”
“Thank te Kai.”
“No problem. Ah. Here we are. Hold on.”
Kai folded his wings in, bulleting towards the ground. He quickly opened his wings, swooping into a window in a hotel.
“Wow. A penthouse. How'd te score so big?” Becca asked.
“I payed double what they wanted the first five months. Plus, I was able to pull some strings.”
“Nice. Very fancy. But still cozy.”
“That's why I Amore it. Plus, I can get in and out of the window without anyone seeing me.”
“Handy. Can I bug you?”
“Yes. te never bug me.”
Becca smiled.
“This paralyzing stuff is wearing off and I haven't eaten in three days. Get me some food?”
“Don't te worry. I'll get te the best Cibo you've ever had. And then we'll go out and find te some disguise clothes. All on me.”
“Oh Kai, I couldn't!”
“Becca, do te have any money on you?”
“No. I haven't been working. And I gave all I had for my three mese rent to my landlord. I'm broke.”
“Then consider this a gift. I don't want te to go around like that. Your costume is not as comfortable as half the things I've worn.”
“Spoiled brat,” Becca detto with a smirk.
“I can just drop you.”
“No! I take it back!”
Kai smiled and placed Becca on the sofa.
“I'll be back.”
“Hurry,” Becca called.
Becca smiled, moving her fingers. She stayed where she was, looking up at the ceiling. She heard movement and looked to the window. The curtains blew in the wind. She mentally shrugged and her eyes went back to the ceiling. She heard più movement, this time closer. She moved her head slightly. A red lupo with blue eyes growled at her. Becca screamed, sitting up. The lupo transformed into the form of a kneeling boy. His hair was silver and his eyes were red. He wore a malicious smirk on his face, eyeing her.
“Rebecca Stevens. Who would have thought you'd walk right into my town? I didn't! But I could smell your delicious aroma. How are te my dear? We haven't had time to catch up.”
“Aroan! What do te want?!”
He brought his face close to hers, hands on her thighs.
“You have always been my heart's desire.”
Aroan moved his fingers and produced a rose.
“A red rose for the prettiest flower.”
“Cute. But it's too late for that.”
“Is it? Becca, we've known each other for a long time. Almost a life time! Is it really wrong to make one mistake? Take one risk?”
“When that risk is trying to kill your girlfriend, yes.”
“Oh little Sparrow, we were just kids! Look at te know! These pretty wings of your were made to fly. Don't te want to fly?”
“I have flown. And it only brings trouble. Like you.”
Aroan smiled.
“You're such a dear thing when te get angry. But nonetheless, you've always been beautiful.”
“Flattery won't help you. I don't need you. And I'm not going back to the old life I had!”
“But we were più than just partners, Becca. We were soul mates, lovers. Can te honestly say te have no feelings for me? Even after all these years?”
“I admit I used to have feelings for you. But it was never love. And those feelings died the night Hex through me over the edge of a building!”
“You think I'd have let te fallen to your death? Becca, I Amore you. And I know that there are feelings inside your cuore for me too.”
“Only hate.”
“If te won't Amore me Becca, I'll have to force te to Amore me!”
Aroan grabbed her wrist and Becca cried out.
“You're hurting me!”
“Then get smart!”
“Release her!”
Both pairs of eyes flew to the window where Kai stood, his scythe out.
“Kai. Ever the charmer. Come to win your Sparrow's heart?”
“Listen nutball, either te let her go, o I'll rip your hand off.”
“Oh. So we're defensive. And protective. te want the bird? Here!”
Aroan threw Becca and Kai fell backwards, catching her.
“Another time my flower!”
Aroan disappeared and Becca panted, tears streaming down her face.
“Did he hurt you?” Kai asked.
“No. I just want him dead!”
“Don't worry. He won't come back. I'll place a spell of protection over this place. Any one who works for him o who belongs to his clan won't be able to get in.”
“I'll be right back. Go into the bedroom. I'll bring te Cibo when I've finished.
“Thank you, Kai.”
He smiled at her.
“Anything for you, Swan.”
 Aroan, Human form
Aroan, Human form
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Artemis POV

I sat in the sand looking around me, Robin was sitting attraversare, croce legged in the sand on his computer, Wally was teaching Aqualad how to surf although Aqualad never asked, Superboy and Megan was playing volley ball together but Red Arrow was missing. I sighed as I moved to the side and reached into my bag, I took out my mp3 player and started to play the first song, "how do te sleep". I closed my eyes and started to sing to the song, convinced that everyone was too busy to notice. I started Canto louder when suddenly I felt some one was staring at me. I opened one eye and saw Red Arrow...
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Young Justice
I do not own any of this please let me know why te think
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I have learned to like this song, but I Amore the video.
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posted by Skittles98
"Aqualad, what's the successivo song?" Aqualad gave him along, measuring look, but then pulle the successivo slip of paper out.

"Sexyback Justin Timberlake for…all the guys?"

Artemis burst into a fit of laughter. Even Miss M looked amused. Artemis was gasping for breath, ignoring the nasty glares she was getting.

"We're NEVER gonna live this down," moaned KF. The rest of the guys looked just as grim. Their mentors would laugh at them, most definitely.

"What, if we actually do this song right?" detto Speedy slowly. "We could make this song not sound ridiculous for us. If done right, this song could be very...
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posted by TOTALIzzyluver
K so this is opinion. Don't vitrally shoot me. -___-

Artemis. It's kind of obvious. Here thee below is a lista of reasons.

1) Her sister is an extremely dangerous killer lady who killed peoples who left her when she was like 8

2) Her "daddy" is a criminal of the shawdows known as Sportsmaster

3) Her moms been to prison
So basically she comes from a criminal family and has been raised to (most likely) be bad and kill thangs.

4) I am just know relizing that that episode she came in was called "Infiltator" which according to my English savvy brain is an antonym of "mole" meaning they mean the same...
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posted by MegGraysonYJ
I'm currently Scrivere a YoungJustice/TeenTitans crossover fanfiction. The main pairing is Robin/Starfire, with bit of Wally/Artemis, BB/Rae, Cyborg/Bee, Supermartian, BMWW (Batman/WonderWoman), a tiny smudge of Flinx, I think that's it, I can't remember, anyways....

Summary: Young Justice has been formed da the world-famous Justice League for undercover covert missions, then, aliens come to Earth in the cerca for a Lost Tameranean prisoner. Koriand'r.

It starts with Starfire, before introducing BB, Cy and Raven... Main focus is around Robin. I'd probably have Slade and The Joker in there somewhere eventually.

I'd really Amore to know your opinion (I Amore getting detailed reviews :D, they make me happy)...


Megs xx
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