The Zanhar Project

Authored by zanhar1

Formation & Origin Story:

Little is known about how the zanhar project was created. But there is speculation that  on July 12, 1982 the first zanhar clone was created by her creator--pretty ambiguous here seeing as we know just as much about the creator as the original zanhar. It is not even known if they the creator is even female...or human at all really. 

Nights before the creation of zanhar1, her creator was reported sulking around town with a cheetah-print parasol. Each of those nights would enter the coffee shop and return empty handed and without even purchasing a single morsel--maybe he the barista was an operative as well... 

Upon being followed around the city it was seen plucking exactly 32 feathers from a goose, bottleing a handful of sand from the beach, takeing a selfie (now there's a creature born in the wrong era), and then going to an auto-body shop, where it stole a monkey wrench, and some oil. 
Once back in the undersea laboratory these materials (selfie included) were loaded into some strange mechanism (that spurted out funky disco music as it did its work). 
And boom! The first zanhar clone! 

It can be concluded that the ingredance to make a zanhar are: 
-32 goose feathers 
-A handful of sand, must be tinged with volcanic ash 
-A very poorly developed, vintage Polaroid selfie 
-A monkey wrench 
-A teaspoon of oil 



Lol did u rlly think we'd tell u where r secret headquarterz iz m8?


Okay so it's probably located near the Bermuda Triangle. Totally not causing plane and boat crashes for science or anything.

After Creation:

After her initial creation, zanhar1 was released into the world where she took to inhabiting the site of fanpop, spreading poorly spelled proclamations of love of 'Azula' and grammatically incorrect rebukes when this...'Azula' was insulted. 
Such propaganda was followed up by her alarming and odd fixation with Bellatrix Lestrange and various other mysterious entities. 
The world has yet to understand the point of this. Why would such an alarmingly evil organization send it's first successful android-clone to preach about 'Azulas' and stars with last names and not-so-evil queens? 

Following the creation of zanhar1 was a mass production of the clones. Stated quite menacingly by a Zanhar Project operative; And I think it should be known that there are 224 of us. And the Zanhar Project is working to develop another set. 


It is also known that zanhars1-3 part took in the Hunger Games. zanhar3 had victory.

The Zanhars:

zanhar1 - this one is kind of weird and kind of useless. After the invention of zanhar2 it was realized that zanhar1's love of Azulas and Bellatrixs was counter-productive and she was later shipped off and terminated. 
However there are rumors that she somehow made it out with her artificial life and now has an even more secret agenda of her own. (Perhaps she will be an ally.) 

zanhar2 - pretty much the same as the first clone, only with Reginas instead of Azulas and Bellatrixs. 

zanhar3 - the other zanhars know him as 'the asshole'. I must say, it's true. He's an evil, lying, manipulative bastard. Don't trust zanhar3. 
Don't talk to zanhar3. 
Don't do anything involving zanhar3! 

zanhar4 - Pretty much ignored. Very quiet. I am slightly afraid of zanhar4, I feel as though she's hiding something...but then again all of the zanhars are. 

zanhars5-10 - these guys are of superior inelegance. 

zanhars11-19 - they hold the weapons. And the cereal bowls. Still trying to figure that one out. 

zanhars20-28 - they are the spies. Don't let them see you. Don't give them reason to notice you. Hide this letter. NOW! They could be watching! 

zanhars29-224 - ???? 


Super Powers: 

Ice powers - zanhar11 
Fire powers - zanhar420 (blaz it) 
Water powers - zanhar4 
Air powers - zanhar276 
Earth powers - zanhar86 
Lightning powers - zanhar33 
Light Power - zanhar10 
Darkness Powers - zanhar666 
Illusion powers - zanhar 
Mind Control - zanhar0 
Telepathy - zanhar16 
Telekinesis - zanhars 5-8 
Body possession - zanhar69 ;) 
Vodoo Powers - zanhar13 
Hypnosis - zanhar95 
Control over dreams - zanhar24 
Control over sensibility - zanhar19 
Stoning powers - zanhar51 
Sound Powers - zanhar303 
Time Powers - zanhar3.14 
Poison Powers - zanhar333 
Plant Powers - zanhar21 
Technology Powers - zanhar3.14159 
Healing Powers - zanhar2 
Magnetic Powers - 
Explosion Powers - zanhar420 (blaze it also gets this) 
Flying - zanhar421 
Stretching - zanhar212 
Jumping - zanhar524 
Super Speed - zanhar16 
Super Strength - zanhar3 
All of the above - zanhar1

Fun Facts: 

The zanhars are known anarchists--creating a sect called the 'zanarchy'.