Ala Ma

fan dal October 2014

  • Greece
  • Favorite TV Show: yugioh the abridged series
    Favorite Movie: the last mimzy
    Favorite Book or Author: anything fictional
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TheLefteris24 mi ha dato omaggio per my images
Γεια χαρά. Ευχαριστώ για το add. Είναι ωραίο να βλέπεις και άλλους Anime fan από την Ελλάδα !!!! postato più di un anno fa
AlaMa commentato…
Un un, σπανια πραγματα, αν δεν ηταν το 'Lefteris' εκει δεν θα το ειχα προσεξει καν, τωρα ας υποφερουμε μαζι περιμενοντας... ;w; più di un anno fa
TheLefteris24 commentato…
Βυθισμένοι στην Απελπισία XD più di un anno fa
Anime_lover0_0 detto …
Hi AlaMa nice to meet u I hope we could be Friends postato più di un anno fa
AlaMa commentato…
Hm? Oh sure, if te want ^3^ più di un anno fa
AquaMarine6663 mi ha dato omaggio per my polls
Oh. te Amore Mephisto? *twitches*
He's mine.
(A slight warning, I become a slight yandere towards Mephisto...I'm very protective over him. ;-;)
But thanks. postato più di un anno fa
AlaMa commentato…
te can have him don't worry i won't try to steal him from you, my waif-husbanto is still Izuru aaah ^o^ (btw i've been wondering is that Shima in your profilo pic...) più di un anno fa
AquaMarine6663 commentato…
Phew. That's a relief....He's been #1 on my lista for a anno o so now...I'd be torn if someone tried to take him from me. And yes, it is Shima as my picture. Thanks for noticing. :) più di un anno fa
AquaMarine6663 commentato…
(Actually, my picture is Onision now) più di un anno fa