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B0LT ha detto riguardo a Zootopia
I sincerely hope that this club becomes #1 club for Zootopia. It's the best made one so far and using Zootopia initial motto for this club was a very nice touch. postato più di un anno fa
awsomegtax commentato…
Thank you! ^_^ più di un anno fa
B0LT ha detto riguardo a Bolt - Un eroe a quattro zampe
Glad to see there's some activity left here! :D

I just saw the movie Zootopia which I absolutely adore and it reminded me of the Amore I had/have for this movie.
Don't see too many familiar faces from since when I was around but that's sort of a good thing right?

Anyway, nice to see te all and nice to see this club still alive :D postato più di un anno fa
theJF commentato…
Yes indeed, great to see te back here too! And I agree, seeing Zootopia has been a bit of a reawakening of Bolt for me. Especially since there were a few subtle nods to it that I'm sure Byron intended for us die hard fans! I really need to go watch it again, just so I can soak più of it up. It just has so much in it that one does not simply absorb all the things on one go. Although, I think I'll wait for the Blu-Ray before going too crazy... that way I can analyze it frame da frame, just like a certain other sposta we know and love! ;-) più di un anno fa
awsomegtax commentato…
I certainly hope the make a sequel for this movie. It deserves one! =] più di un anno fa
B0LT ha detto riguardo a Bolt - Un eroe a quattro zampe
Just checking in, good to see this club is still rising in numbers :) postato più di un anno fa
ThunderThefur commentato…
Hello, Die hard fan! più di un anno fa
theJF commentato…
Always rising and growing as usual, and glad to see te checking in! più di un anno fa