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i have a domanda for someone, what was Kim's full name? i know they mentioned it once in Fade Out but i forgot it, does anyone remember? postato più di un anno fa
EveandMichael commentato…
Well, one of them is called Kim Magnus, i think thats her anyway ;) più di un anno fa
EveandMichael commentato…
o the other is Kim Valdez, but i think thats the Kim that works at the common grounds with Eve! più di un anno fa
Dyceman88 commentato…
i meant the nasty Kim the crazy goth that broadcasted everyone's personal life on video feed, the one who was practically the main antagonist of Fade Out (along with Ada) più di un anno fa
Dyceman88 ha detto riguardo a SSX
SSX is 4 EVER!!!! it don't matter how much o little we write on these sites...SSX is the only snwoboarding game that is good...SSX RULES!!! postato più di un anno fa