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And as for the profilo questions, just for comparison:

preferito TV Show: Gravity Falls? Breaking Bad? I'm not sure.
preferito Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy
preferito Musician: Ninja Sex Party, just for how cheerful it is. Dan's voice never fails to brighten my mood.
preferito Book o Author: I haven't read for fun much since college started, so I'm not really sure. Harry Potter still holds a special place in my heart. postato più di un anno fa
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Just found this account after ten years, so I guess I'll give an update about my life. I'm in università to become an electrical engineer now, and I work in an optical engineering research lab. I'm an out and proud lesbian, and I'm a lot più comfortable in my own skin than I was in 2010. I Amore musical theatre and Marvel. I still Amore Harry Potter, Mario, and Sonic, and I still game to this day. I think Twilight is just fine.

I'll leave this page up as a relic of the past. Cheers. postato più di un anno fa
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awesome name postato più di un anno fa
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"What ever heepens when I don't send out chain messages."
lol postato più di un anno fa
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whoa did te not joing any club anymore postato più di un anno fa
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Thank te for adding me, but I am so sorry I didn't add te before. I thought I already added te :( postato più di un anno fa
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Hi! I saw te at the SSMB spot! Wanna trade friend codes? postato più di un anno fa
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I want oreos! DX
*** ***
** postato più di un anno fa
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I know this isn't related, but it's getting really annoying... when I click on 'show comments' it brings me to the superiore, in alto of the page!

-Random postato più di un anno fa
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Same thing. How odd... più di un anno fa
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I'm having the same problem. No idea why. più di un anno fa
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OMG SAME~ But then i think it got fixed, XD più di un anno fa
big smile
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All of the related club are from Harry Potter! That's a good sign! postato più di un anno fa
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ikr!:D that's because this club is in the 'characters' section più di un anno fa