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    Favorite Book or Author: The Age Of Miracles
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Lifeisafairytal ha detto riguardo a i film di Barbie
I’m not sure if it has been released anywhere but Australia on Netflix yet, but in the uk, Barbie: A Touch Of Magic is available on the pop channel in the uk and I haven’t seen very much of it, but so far, it seems so nostalgic to how the Barbie animations used to be ♥️ highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet o is waiting for it. I think we finally have the Barbie know and Amore back again. Huge improvement from It Takes Two. postato ·5 mesi fa
Lifeisafairytal commentato…
So many themes of fantasy, fairy tale, passion…It’s just so beautiful and comforting. I think a lot of us felt like that was completely missing from the last few series we have gotten. The new series also explores so much più of Malibu instead of just being at the dream house all o most of the time. Amore it ♥️ ·5 mesi fa
XTinkerBellx commentato…
I Amore it too! It's my fave Barbie mostra now. ·5 mesi fa
Lifeisafairytal ha detto riguardo a i film di Barbie
Hi friends. I hope you’re all doing well. I haven’t been here in a few months and I was just reflecting on how beautiful it has been to be a member here and how safe, comforting and warm it has felt from the moment I joined and began posting. It’s been an incredible escape from life and hopefully, we have many many years to look inoltrare, avanti to più Barbie animated content 💜 postato ·6 mesi fa
XTinkerBellx commentato…
❤️ ·6 mesi fa
Lifeisafairytal ha detto riguardo a i film di Barbie
I really miss the Barbie dreamhouse adventures series, thought they were heading in the right direction and had a really good thing going on. It felt family orientated and comforting. I wish they could have combined the other Barbie from It Takes Two into the mostra instead of completely making a new one. It Takes Two feels very typical and predictable with some of the characters and I don’t even think Barbie would chase fame knowing how unimportant it is and how cold the industry can be. postato ·9 mesi fa
XTinkerBellx commentato…
I agree with everything te said. I wish Dreamhouse Adventures would return too, but I'm looking inoltrare, avanti to the new upcoming shows. They sound like they'll be fun and exciting. ·9 mesi fa