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Who are your superiore, in alto five preferito Vocaloids?

17 answers | my answer: I can't make a superiore, in alto 5, it's hard to decide who's bet...

What other types of vocaloid would te like to see in the future?

1 answer | my answer: I really want to see an english vocaloid that's cle...

What's your FAVOURITE Vocaloid song?

9 answers | my answer: There is SOOOO MANY!! Keloid of the Heart; Kaai...

Whats your superiore, in alto 5 Rin Kagamine songs?

2 answers | my answer: Our let-it-be Seasonal Feathers Lost One's Weepin...

Post a Vocaloid Song that makes te happy

3 answers | my answer: luvluvluv this

Post a Miku Song that te Amore

7 answers | my answer: I personally like Miku Solid più than her original...

What's your preferito Gakupo song?

5 answers | my answer: His cover of Rolling Girl *^*

What's your FAVOURITE Vocaloid?

16 answers | my answer: I CAN'T CHOOSE BETWEEN IROHA, YUKI AND PIKO ;W; Ir...

Post a picture of your preferito Vocaloid character/ characters

9 answers | my answer: Kaai Yuki Nekomura Iroha Utatane Piko

Name your preferito song from your preferito vocaloids!

9 answers | my answer: Kaai Yuki; Happy Drug Nekomura Iroha; Lost One's W...