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Njanja ha detto riguardo a Hilarie burton
Why is Hilarie so "media shy"? I like mysterious people, but as her fan I would like to know più about her. I think she's the only one of OTH guys who doesn't use social media. postato più di un anno fa
Njanja ha detto riguardo a One albero collina
They keep repeating it's not goodbye, it's see te later. I think we'll see più of OTH. postato più di un anno fa
puloobestreet commentato…
thank you! I'm Leggere these commenti trying to see if they find nathan, since I'm a few episodes behind. instead I keep Leggere the mostra is over, and I'm beginning to panic! this mostra has always just been there for me, I never imagined that one giorno it would actually end:( te give me some hope though più di un anno fa
Njanja ha detto riguardo a One albero collina
Argh that loser Julian has no right to rewrite history !!!!
And If I was Mark, I would rather wait for five years to make final season until convincing Lucas and Peyton to appear in the very end. It's Trick's anniversary, Peyton wouldn't miss that. I'm watching OTH since 2004, so it is very personal to me. postato più di un anno fa
OTHjovana commentato…
I really don't like that Julian's mostra is focusing on him and Brooke. I like the idea of a TV mostra at first cause I thought it's gonna be the original story about Nate and Luke, but I really don't like what Julian did. And about Peyton... they didn't bring her for Brooke's wedding so I'm really not surprised she won't be there for Tric's anniversary. :( più di un anno fa
Broody_4_Cheery commentato…
he mustnt think the mostra will be good enough to last 6 seasons for him to be written in naturally, then again if theyre changing teh best years of oth it probably wouldn't. più di un anno fa